The US has no particular reason to celebrate the 4th of July

Everywhere in the United States millions of families, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues will gather on July 4 to celebrate independence Day, and will finish a feast fireworks in red, white and blue colors.

It may seem incredible, but it is impossible not to notice that the US is experiencing internal discord, which they hardly ever experienced in the 241-year history of the state. This split is explained by the fact that the last two presidents were not leaders, uniting the nation, and the fact that the Congress spends significantly more energy to find the speck in the eyes of your neighbor, not noticing the log in their own.

On Friday, the heads of state and government “Big twenty” will gather in Hamburg for their annual summit. China’s President XI Jinping on the way to the summit, drove to Moscow, there to discuss political issues with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and, thus, to emphasize the strategy of China, which aims to become the dominant country in the world. The President of the United States Donald trump used the weekend to post on Twitter’s own video in which he allegedly beat a man with a CNN logo instead of a face.

If you look on this side of the Atlantic, it is hardly possible to agree that such behavior promotes respect for the President. But while the video on Twitter leads among those trompowsky creations that you share on social media, and it reminds us that millions of American voters, apparently, is not hesitating to support his alien conventions of the President.

CNN — one of the incarnations of the enemy of the President of trump in the American media. A week ago the channel had to say about the unreliability of history about the relations of the Russian investment Fund with the property of trump, because he could not confirm all of the allegations, the undisputed facts. In this regard, the chief editor responsible for investigative journalism at CNN, as well as his two employees had to leave their posts, which once again confirmed the correctness of the President when he claims to be a victim of false news in the major media.

The credibility of the US is unlikely due to the fact that the House of representatives and the Senate, apparently, are in dysfunctional condition. The Republicans in both houses of Congress, the majority, but they still failed to translate this advantage into practical policy.

Of presidential campaign promises trump to turn the health care reform called “Obamacare” and that was the only major political victory of his predecessor Barack Obama, yet nothing came of it, because a lot of Republican senators afraid of the consequences that millions of Americans could lose their even more than a modest medical insurance.

Nobody discusses why the US spends half as much money on the health care system compared to other developed countries, receiving no visible effect from the money and risking, instead, to leave millions without basic health insurance.

The Democrats do not contribute to the political process, but trust in the fact that in charge of special investigations Robert S. Mueller III, will be able to find against the President trump the evidence of such a caliber that it can pave the way to impeachment.

US global leadership is eroding mainly because President trump its predecessor blew most of that respect which is due to natural causes should surround the White house. There is hardly any reason to hope that in Hamburg the President Trump will be able to reconstruct some of the lost respect. On the contrary, there is a risk that after the summit, the US on the world stage will be even more weakened. Today’s celebration and fireworks can’t disguise the fact that actually celebrate nothing special.