What to drink in summer: the drinks that perfectly quench thirst

The summer heat is becoming a cause of constant thirst. We are all the time thirsty, and sometimes the body just doesn’t accept liquid, writes hyser.com.ua.

However, the secret of thirst is not to drink as much as possible, and to choose the right liquid to drink. Quite effective in the fight against thirst is water, but there are other options.

Here are five beverages best quench your thirst.

1. Kvass

If we are talking about natural kvass without preservatives, it is a very healthy drink. It is a source of amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and b vitamins Kvas is a refreshing and speeds up metabolism. It also contains substances that prevent the growth of microbes in the stomach.

2. Cranberry juice

This drink is low calorie and plenty of vitamins. It’ll refresh you in hot weather and is a wonderful alternative to regular water.

3. Green tea

Experts have proven that even a warm tea in hot weather, eliminates excessive sweating and provides energy boost. Besides, it helps to improve thermoregulation. For those who are used to drinking in summer, only cold drinks, tea you should add ice cubes.

4. Yogurt

Dairy products contain in their composition of organic acids that quench your thirst. Besides, they are quickly absorbed: for example, kefir per hour is absorbed almost completely, but milk is only a third. And bifidokefir enriched by a specific beneficial bacteria, will not only save you from thirst, but also help to restore intestinal flora.

5. Fresh juice

One glass of fresh juice is often enough to replenish energy and vitamins and restore mineral balance. In addition, it is just squeezed juice from your favorite fruit or vegetable is an effective antidepressant.