The Chairman of the NATO parliamentary Assembly Ukraine – the front line for the protection of European security

The President of the NATO parliamentary Assembly, Paolo alli, notes that Ukraine is the front line and protecting European security. He said this in his speech at the ceremonial meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Charter on a distinctive partnership between Ukraine and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in 2014 opened a new Chapter in international relations. Ukraine and Eastern Europe today are the front line for the protection of European security and the protection of the world order that emerged after the Second world war,” said Allie.

He added that in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine Euro-Atlantic community in the first place has strengthened its collective security. According to him, when the allies-NATO members feel threatened, as is now happening in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, the decision was made to strengthening the defense capability of the Alliance.

“An important element of our response is the provision of further support and assistance to Ukraine, Georgia and other partners in the region to strengthen their endurance in the face of external interference. Ukraine and Georgia strengthen democracy and the rule of law, because it will make their country safer and stronger”, – said the head of the NATO PA.

Also, according to Allie, Ukraine and Georgia are not only European Outpost of the global security, but also best for the protection of democracy.

“For this reason, support for Ukraine is support and protection of the common values of democratic countries. Protection of Ukraine – is our self-defense, defense of our freedom and security,” he added.

Earlier Andriy Parubiy said that NATO is beneficial to take Ukraine as our military will be able to transfer the Alliance valuable experience of the confrontation of Russian aggression.