Company M. E. Doc threatened a criminal case due to a virus Petya

Ukrainian company M. E. Doc may face criminal liability for neglect information security, which could lead to the spread of the virus Petya in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of Cyberpolice of Ukraine Colonel Sergey, keywords, reports Radio Liberty.

He recalled that employees of the said company has repeatedly warned about the discrepancy of their information technologies to cybersecurity requirements.

“They knew about it. They repeatedly warned various antivirus companies. For this neglect, these people will face criminal liability, ” he said keywords.

In comments to Reuters, representatives of the company denied such accusations and said that their software is not responsible for the spread of the virus.

As previously stated in the company Microsoft, in Ukraine during a massive hacker attack were infected with 12.5 thousand computers. The virus spread with the help of accounting software M. E. Doc Ukrainian production.

In turn, the company said that the approval of cyberexperts about the activation of the virus Petya that caused software update M.E.Doc is wrong.

Recall, 27 June, Ukraine unknown virus has infected the network of several large companies, including large state. The attacks began almost simultaneously at about 11:30. The virus has spread very quickly. Manifested in the refusal of the computers on the Windows platform. Were overloaded and were encrypted.