Women of ISIS

We were deceived, say wives of militants of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.): “We are victims” — they insist, and the rest giving them unfriendly looks, and what’s more, it seems, ready to strike. Which of these women is the victim in this camp in the North of Raqqa, where they were hiding, escaped from the former Syrian capital of the “Islamic state”, not a subject for speculation: there are those who had to obey the LIH and those who have made their choice consciously. The difference is very clear, the impossibility of communication is inevitable. Jinan Moussa, a reporter of the TV channel Al Aan does not trust anyone’s research, it relies only on what it hears, sees and understands, taking off for the Middle East (she got started with the first episodes of the “Arab spring”). She met several wives of the “Islamic state”, which captured the Kurds when they escaped from Raqqa. Seven wives — from Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Dagestan — foreign fighters of the “Islamic state” from France, Mali, Tunisia and Turkey. These women did not give up, found refuge there: they were captured. There are wives from Indonesia, arrived in Raqqa to join the militants of al-Baghdadi: the photographs of children, mixed colors hijabs, the sudden smile, but indonesie don’t talk to Moussa, saying: “We are victims”. When others are Syrian who fled from Raqqa after years of captivity and slavery, hear their words, when you catch the word “victim” (he said the girl deliberately went to Raqqa to become “wives of the Islamic state”), they lose their composure: “They wanted to beat them,” writes Moussa on Twitter. “What are you doing in our country?— ask the Syrian. — Are you to blame for our plight”. The myth of the “Islamic state”, its violent power is strengthened by including these women, these girls who fled their country, lied to everyone — parents, friends, suitors, only in order to obtain the once coveted status, to become the wife of the most powerful at the time of the jihadists.

Are Syrian are unable to forgive these foreigners that they have done so far, when the plight of all United, they don’t want can’t forget and Syrian democratic forces, working with coalition forces under the leadership of the Western forces and the Kurds to liberate Raqqa has created a separate zone for the wives of the “Islamic state”. When the families of the “Islamic state” imprisoned, begins the interrogation by the allied forces: depending on the answers the interviewee can end up in jail or in a designated area camps for people from Raqqa. There’s no repent, there are those who tried to reach the border and to sneak in Turkey: possibly the embassies of their countries will be able to bring them home, and there may be no established procedure does not yet exist. But coexistence with sirikari and Syrians in raqqa is impossible.

Indonesie stand in his own defense: “ISIS tricked us with their propaganda”, they say, they were wrong in their estimates, hoping to participate in the creation of history, seemed to them a charming and revolutionary, but it was only full of blood and violence. But Moussa, who had heard many different rumors, for years, faced with evidence of the opposing evaluations, often becoming the object of criticism and even threats from the “Islamic state” does not stop “victimize”. “So you saw the video with how to behead people, and I thought, let’s go join the Islamic state?”, she asks. Indonesie not responding. To explain the ardent ideological rage hard, even when it reached its peak, not to mention the fact that you ran away from him, having experienced the disappointment. But sometimes silence is not enough, moreover, it becomes offensive, so the mousse turns to the woman from Lebanon, repentant foreigner. Nur al-hood, that’s her name, sorry about that wanted to join the “Islamic state”, does not blame the propaganda, says that “it was not so as I thought,” not pulls the blanket of the victim, says he wants to hurry back, and says: the women of the “Islamic state” locked in the poorhouse, there was nothing they could do, if hurt their children, no one had called the paramedics, nobody cared, and the mother could not seek help. But you were “mean”, the slave?— asks, off camera, mousse. The wife says no, she hadn’t seen it, but heard about the rape of nine girls: after the rape she needed a doctor who, in all probability, never came.

Moussa does not know whether it is sincere regret, remorse, desire to return home, but she is obsessed with the sense of solidarity and mutual assistance: whenever it publishes a movie on your channel, it gets a lot of comments where she want as soon as possible become a slave to the “Islamic state”. Including for this reason, she says, but you somehow helped the slaves? Helped them escape? This time the answer is, and makes him regret the silence of the Indonesian women. Yes, wives of the “Islamic state” has helped to run several slaves, but not because those all day being abused. Not out of pity, not out of solidarity and not because of the horror. They helped them escape, because you were jealous that their husbands spend more time with slaves and not with them: we came here because we believe in business, because we need the status of women, and should provide you all of the time, you’d spend it with the wrong slave? So some slaves managed to escape, his wife opened the door for them to return attention of men. This solidarity, which, in fact, solidarity is not, is selfishness, jealousy, and if someone today calls herself a “victim”, it is necessary to look attentively, there are no nearby real victims.