Berry diet: how to benefit from fasting weeks on the summer desserts

The berry season is in full swing, and you can enjoy not only the early strawberries, and other gifts of beds and forests. In addition, they say that this natural dessert is ideal for weight loss and cleansing the body, if “sit” on it for a week. But how true is this? The answer to this question we were looking for with our expert — Natalia Samoilenko, dietician, endocrinologist center Soul Spa anti-aging center.


Berries saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, making up for their loss in the previous months, the poor for fruit and vegetables.

Fiber helps clean the intestines and remove toxins from the body, which will give not only tone, but also significantly improve the quality of the skin.

They do not contain fats, because a diet only berries forces the body to use internal fat reserves, thus achieving the slimming effect. He also contributes to the fact that in one way or another berries (depending on the species) have a diuretic effect, and therefore the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body, because of what the hands weights or numbers on them go down. Usually berry diet allows you to throw 3-5 kg, depending on the initial weight.


Perfect — one day a week, a maximum of three days. No longer worth it for two reasons. First — the berries contain almost no protein and are completely devoid of fat. The active exchange of substances is possible only at receipt in body of three substances. Second — berries, being a concentrate of carbohydrates, leading to increase of sugar level, to increase the production of insulin. It has the pancreas, and as a result indirectly disturbs the balance in the hormonal system. The regular exceeding the specified duration berry diet can lead to a permanent increase in the level of blood sugar. In addition, the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain.

Berries also improve appetite. As a consequence, people will eat more berries, and again-not to lose weight, and Vice versa.

Another caveat: increased appetite, coupled with the long absence in the diet of proteins and fats (more than three days) will lead to the fact that after unloading on the berries people will start eating for three. And the question is: what’s the diet?


For diet is not suitable cherry — it is heavy in digestion: if there is only her, it overloads the pancreas, and as a consequence causes bloating and pain.
Gooseberry and red currant irritate the stomach wall by increasing the secretion of the gastric juices. If you use discharge on these berries regularly can develop gastritis.

If you suffer from this disorder in the digestive tract as diarrhea, you will not do strawberries, but if constipation, then blueberries.


It is optimal to eat 250-300 g of berries 5 times a day. It is necessary to observe a drinking mode — to use water in the amount of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight (30 minutes before eating or 1.5 hours thereafter). If the court heat the amount of water should be increased by 20%.
As has been said, you can eat meat, berries leads to a deficiency of fats and proteins in the body. And if the lack of fat in the menu, even for three days the body can not feel the lack of protein is not a recovery. After all, protein is the “building material” of any organ and system in our body. With its deficit will break down muscle mass, reduced metabolic rate, and after the diet, there is a risk to return to their previous weight.

Because the ideal is two meals out of five to make protein and to enter into the diet, for example, protein eggs, cheese, yogurt or yogurt.


Categorically berry diet is not suitable for those who have any disease of the gastrointestinal tract or diabetes mellitus.

Berries will bring dubious benefits in the presence of urolithiasis: they can move the “sand” or “stones” in the kidneys. And in the case of diagnosed disorders in the kidneys (in which there are always elevated levels of uric acid) food only berries will lead to formation of “sand”.