How to save the sight to old age

Age – related macular degeneration (AMD) age-related changes in perceiving light the surface of the eye, among all causes of blindness second place in the developed world and third largest in the world. Today in Ukraine about one million older people have more or less pronounced manifestations of this disease is associated with impaired metabolic processes in the retina, writes

The research conducted over the last decade, scientists began to better understand the processes occurring in the retina of the human eye and factors that affect them.

Vitamins for eyes

It turned out that for the maintenance of normal vision person needs a whole set of biologically active substances of plant origin (carotenoids) and minerals.

Among the best known carotenoids are beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, Neurospora and some others. The most important carotenoids for the normal functioning of the prostate gland, lungs, liver, skin and retina of the human eye, where the concentration is greatest. In particular lycopene, of which the main source in the human diet are tomatoes, takes an active part in metabolic processes in cells studisto shell, iris, retina, and other formations of the human eye, as well as in the processes of cvetovete. Additionally, the presence of a sufficient amount of lycopene in the human diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

However, some carotenoids for the functioning of the retina is not enough. The study of the influence of the trace elements selenium and zinc as well as vitamins A and E and allowed to state improve vision when administered for therapeutic purposes.

This effect is easy to explain since vitamin a is part of rhodopsin, and zinc deficiency leads to poor performance of the “sticks” of the fundus, which is manifested by decrease of twilight vision.

The carotenoids in foods

The color of the vegetable or fruit will tell what kind of carotenoid, it contains:

red tomatoes a lot of lycopene;

– yellow and green lettuce, broccoli and peas – lutein and zeaxanthin;

– in the red-purple berries, grapes, red wine and blueberries – anthocyanins;

– fruits and vegetables orange (carrots, apricots, mangoes and pumpkin) contain beta-carotene, bright orange fruit (orange, Mandarin and lemon) and citrus flavonoids;

– green and white cousins onions contain etilsulfate.

Following a full balanced diet will allow you to conserve the efficiency of enzyme systems of the human body for many years and to preserve vision.

To obtain sufficient amounts of carotenoids and micronutrients a person needs every day to eat 400-600 grams of vegetables and fruits.