Threat simplicity trump

President Donald trump always had a weakness for simple and fantastic solutions. Illegal immigration? Construct a wall. Jobs are moving abroad? Enter the import taxes. Unemployment in Appalachia? Get more coal. Increased medical costs? Cancel Obamacare.

The ability of trump to make simple slogan helped him during the election campaign. However, as President she leads and represents a threat to the country.

When the Supreme court had partially restored his decree banning the entry of citizens of the six predominantly Muslim countries, trump called it “a clear victory for our national security.” If you look at the nationality of the terrorists who planned attacks against the United States, it becomes quite clear that closing the borders of America for the countries from the list of trump provides only false comfort.

Also, it should be clear that the justification for the temporary prohibition on entry and the need to revise the test procedures was no more than a pretext. In the original decree trump instructed his Secretary for national security, Secretary of state and the Director of national intelligence for 30 days to provide a report regarding the detailed “information that may require any country to make a decision on visa, admission, or other rights.” These data are necessary in order to ensure that the applicant is not a threat to US security. The administration had not yet prepared such a report and made a not many changes to the visa application process.

In addition, budget priorities trump does not indicate that he understands how to keep the country safe. The proposed budget assumes a seven percent increase in funding the Department of homeland security, but most of this money is aimed at the Mexican border. Vulnerable the border is indeed a threat to national security, but no wall would not have stopped the September 11 terrorists or those who committed the attack at a later date. They also meet the criteria of the Supreme court and would become the exception to the prohibition of trump, since he had real relationships with American citizens or organizations.

Trump’s budget calls for a reduction (25%) of funding for the security Initiative urban areas, which gives money to fight terrorism in the cities. However, local police in collaboration with Federal agencies has played a vital role in the prevention of numerous attacks. The recent tragedy in London and Manchester emphasize the importance of mobilizing and equipping cities to fight terrorism.

Effective national security strategy also requires the use of soft power abroad. It partly depends on our commitment to humanitarian efforts trump proposes to reduce, and in part from the moral authority of America that trump is trying hard to undermine.

A new study shows that the world, including many close U.S. allies, they do not trust Trump. This is not surprising because he was unable to Express support for the NATO article 5 (collective defence — approx. ed.) that has underpinned transatlantic relations for nearly 70 years, and at the same time flirted with Vladimir Putin.

Trump can no longer lay the blame for any subsequent terrorist attack in the courts, as he shamefully did. However, if he continues to focus on closing doors and building walls, excluding more efficient approaches, the risk of more violent attacks will increase.