7 survival tips that can kill you

Summer has come and brought with it a number of potential dangers: the hornet’s nest, aggressive undercurrents and the evil rays.

When lost, the townspeople are trying to find a way into heart of the wild, in their minds POPs up a set of questionable tips for survival: play dead if he ran into a bear! Suck poison from a snake bite! Drink cactus juice, if lost in the desert!

It turns out that most of these invented Housewives tips can directly threaten health. Followed by the entire list.

1. Mouth suck the poison from a snake bite

If the bite is poisonous, the poison goes right into the blood. Touching the wound with your mouth, you will only add to the wound to even more bacteria, and besides, the poison gets to you in the mouth and throat. If you are bitten, you should try to keep your heart rate slow down, and keep the bitten limb higher, until the ambulance arrives.

2. Pretend to be dead if you are attacked by a bear

If you stumble across a bear in the wild, should quietly retreat. If it got to you in the garden or camping, it is necessary to try to seem maximally large and loud: there is hope that it’ll put him off. If the bear on you are still attacked, you never have to pretend to be dead — you need to fight back.

In most cases the bear attacked to protect her cubs, then she growls and makes a false attack. Against such attacks you need to retreat slowly and if the bear attacked anyway, then you need to lie flat on your stomach and close the hands back of the head. If you are attacked as prey (i.e., without warning or if the bear is chasing you), and not for the protection of calves, you have to fight back hard.

3. If you get lost, you immediately have to find food

You can live without food for up to six weeks. The exact time varies depending on the circumstances and your state of health, but food and shelter is the main concern for survival.

4. You can drink cactus juice if you’re dying of thirst

If you are skilled enough to find the right kind of cactus from which you will be able to filter the water, it could work. But in most cases from the juice of cactus you are sick, and you will pull the last liquid that remained in your body.

5. If a shark attacks, it is necessary to knock a fist on the nose

To inflict a heavy blow on the nose, moving the shark is incredibly difficult. If a shark attacks you, you should try to put between themselves and it a solid object. Failing that, scratch the eyes and gills.

6. Always swim parallel to shore if caught within

The advice to swim parallel to the shore works best if the current takes you right out to sea. Most movements are at an angle, and you should try to swim perpendicular to it, heading as possible to the shore. If you can’t swim out of the current, heavily pounding feet in the water while you can.

7. If someone has frostbite, massage his skin, or put in a warm bath

It can damage the skin even more and the warm water not only hurt, but will cause shock to the victim. Thaw frosted slowly, preferably with blankets and bottles of warm water, are to be placed in the armpit.