The preparation of the ground operation against Afrin

Turkish armed forces has completed preparations for operations in respect of Afrin, which is under the control of the terrorist organization the people’s protection Units (YPG) / Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), which for the last two years 17 times, fire was opened.

After last night from the district of Afrin under the control of YPG / PKK in Syria opened fire in the direction of Turkey, the Turkish artillery gave an adequate response under international law. Military sources said the strikes on the positions of the YPG in those areas where the was opened harassing fire with the use of DShK (heavy machine gun easel — approx. ed.). Over the past two years, the YPG, who retain control of the Afrin 29 Jan 2014, 17 times opened harassing fire in the direction of Turkey from across the border.



It prepared an opportunity for a Turkey operation in the region. The last straw of patience was the fact that the terrorists of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) / YPG opened fire on civilians who had fled Aleppo for humanitarian reasons or for the same reasons, wanted to move from Afrin to Turkey, organized extortion. Taking all this into account, Turkey 38 days ago, I started work on the preparation of the ground operation in order to eliminate coming from this region provocative. Military sources said that there had been a redeployment of troops in Syria, as well as the transfer of military to the border line, and on completion of the work in this direction.

Nine talks with Russia

Ankara, which does not want a second time to be face to face with Russia, over the past 12 days, nine times talked with Moscow. It turned out that there had been significant progress on the issue of withdrawal of Russian military from the region before the operation. But that is the direction in which the withdrawal of the Russian military is expected to be determined within six days. During the operation, channels of communication lines Ankara — Moscow will be in constant contact to prevent possible risks on the battlefield.

In ‘ afrīn 103 members of the PKK

It is known that in the environment of Raqqa for surgery in this city participated 1381 member of the PKK who came from Kandil and the Afrin, it is supposed to be 103 members of the PKK from kendrickova the organization. In the hands of members of the YPG, who acted together with the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Afrin, there are heavy weapons of Russian production, the remaining modes. But it is assumed that these weapons are in limited quantity. According to intelligence reports from the region Afrin isolation from other areas under the control of the YPG hindered the implementation of the supply of arms without the support of the regime. This is a heavy weapon that is in the city, believed to have been brought here earlier.

The objectives are defined

Whereas, in ‘ Afrīn lives of the civilian population, Turkey has identified 41 object belonging to the PYD / PKK in the region. Given the fact that most of the inhabitants are Kurds, in the course of this operation, the Turkish armed forces will conduct public diplomacy regarding the Kurdish groups that do not belong to PYD. In the center of the plan of operation is to prevent the PKK / PYD has delivered support in Afrin. In this regard, with the aim of taking the line of the Afrin — Aleppo under the control of tel Rifat in Deir Jamal goes to some soldiers who were deployed to the region in the framework of the operation “shield of the Euphrates”. So it will be cut off logistics flow of the terrorist organization PKK / YPG.

Preventing air support

There is still a possibility that the overlapping paths of logistics support can come from the air. In this connection it is planned to take control of the base Minnig and Mereman. It is expected that the operation will last at least 70 days.

Will be applied Eliska model

According to the information obtained from the Russian diplomatic sources, during the talks, held in Ankara — Moscow in the future, the Afrin will be transformed into a stable region. To do this, like the zones of de-escalation, which previously agreed Russia, Turkey and Iran will use the experience of Idlib, where the Turkish and Russian troops will work together to provide security. It is reported that negotiations on this issue continue, but yet to get any results failed.