What you Pimpernel: the spring test will tell of your essence

Look closely at the picture depicted the colors. Which of the six primroses you like more than others?

1. You can hibernate and feel quite sleepy and sluggish during cold weather and cloudy weather. But it is the sun to show its first rays as you in the blink of an eye change and ready to create and to do. And very even inspire others to change! It would be good to learn the resource state must find within themselves, not outside, because your inner world is rich and wonderful.

2. To see all your inner beauty and depth, will have to make an effort, sometimes Herculean. You are revealed only to those who one hundred percent trust, and this trust is proven over the years. You just need the attitude, otherwise you will feel badly, because you are very fragile and vulnerable nature. As corny as it may sound, but a couple of spikes of graft never hurt anyone.

3. Looking at you, once you understand what the harmony and integrity. You have a pleasant voice, but your whisper far more audible than a loud voice. You are able to fascinate one of its kind, but not even suspect it. Learn how to use their natural abilities — and the whole world is at your feet. After all, love and accept yourself as you are is a great skill.

4. Love me, love! Circling me, circling! And only then can you be satisfied and happy. You love to be praised, admired and proud. And very have something. You are able to set goals, achieve them, and then enjoy your well-deserved success and praises. And you certainly are confident that while he praises, no praise. By sometimes it may even seem that you are prudent and self-absorbed, but maybe that you have and should learn.

5. You certainly like to draw attention to yourself, and all sorts of ways. You love to be bold, bright and impressive, and it is perfectly possible. As soon as you appear, all at once alive and at a certain festive atmosphere, activity and bustle. You are a mine of anecdotes, jokes and toast, and equal to you even there. But sometimes it is worth to stop for a while and to be in silence and solitude, in order to keep the harmony and balance.

6. Often it seems that your kindness is simply no limits. Many of these can even use it, and you seem to not even notice. And no one can not imagine how much inner strength beneath that fragility and helplessness. Just remember that you have the right to be assertive and to Express their wants and needs. To do everything is good, but sometimes you can ask for help.