What is actually Stephen Colbert traveled to Moscow

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert (Stephen Colbert) has returned to live after several days absence on television. As you probably heard, the leading evening TV program Late Show was in Russia, where he recorded the material for his show and looked on Russian television on the evening program “Evening Urgant”. During that broadcast he jokingly mocked the presidential election (“I thought it would be better to abandon the middlemen and just to tell you about this Russian”). On Monday, Colbert revived the issue of his show, jokes, inspired by a trip to Russia, and promised the audience that his program, devoted to Russia, will go week — it is expected that after completion of the processing of hours of footage.

But there is another reason for the trip, Colbert. She’s actually much more important. He wants to be the leading No. 1 in the evening broadcasts, and this fundamental point is ambition. After all, Colbert is not the first presenter of the evening transmission, which went to Russia.

“Well, I’m back and again are in the US, said Colbert starting his program on Monday evening. — I don’t know if you were aware, but last week I was in Russia. You know who really knew that I was in Russia? Russian intelligence. Well, apparently, the most loyal fans. Followed me everywhere. And I attracted some attention of American intelligence. It seemed that everywhere we went, suddenly appeared a couple of guys. Because it’s important. You have to keep an eye on the comic…. I could give Russian state secrets. Although the wait. This one is already taken care of,” said Colbert.

He also touched on his possible participation in presidential elections, shaviv: “There in that short video, I just said that I am about to run for President. If I do decide to run for President, then, of course, won’t ask the Russians to help me in my campaign. Right? I’ll get my son-in-law to ask them.”

The team of the TV show Late Show recorded in Russia a total of four or five stories, but the host did not specify when those shot “on the scene” materials will be able to go on the air. According to Colbert, the preparations for the trip lasted several months, and the footage will last for a week. Maybe it’s no coincidence that the vote on the nomination of the nominees for the Emmy award ended late in the evening on Monday, only a few days after Colbert reported on his trip and posting for the start of the snide tweet addressed to Donald Trump.

[email protected] don’t worry, Mr. President. I was in Russia. If the “tape recordings” exist, I’ll bring you a copy!

We don’t know when they filmed in Russia, the stories will be broadcast. But it’s safe to assume that they will broadcast several before the start of the final round of voting at the Emmy awards in August (or if not, when will go vote).

Colbert will lead this year’s Emmy ceremony in September, and after a year of strenuous attempts to catch up and overtake in the rankings Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) is a comedian and his team also wanted to go home with some figurines. Almost certainly the very television program the Late Show will be nominated and ambitious scenes shot “on the side”, can increase the chances of leading to victory. After all, during a week-long display of his stories on last year’s National Convention of the Republican party, Colbert took a well-deserved best leading evening show on the channel.

Colbert is not the first presenter of the evening TV program that went to Russia. Two years ago John Oliver (John Oliver) made a lot of noise, taking interview of Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden). And last fall, the team of Samantha Bee (Samantha Bee) tracked several Russian “trolls” to get a fascinating interview. Megyn Kelly (Megyn Kelly), who is leading the evening broadcasts, too, came at the beginning of this month in Russia. She took uninteresting interview with Vladimir Putin. It is not excluded that visit of Colbert will be more important than those that were committed by his colleagues, leading evening programs, due to the fact when it were committed: Oliver came before the presidential campaign gained momentum, a Bi — victory trump.

When planning materials for the whole week, the team of the Late Show, it seems, wants to ensure that her trip has produced the maximum effect and as a result has provided a brand new shiny Emmy. After all, what else could cause more irritation than his Nemesis is the leading evening TV programme, received the award, which is the trump to win failed?