Rules of life from famous people: Elon Musk

There is a large graveyard of previous attempts. And there’s a freshly dug pit, waiting to be filled. We are trying to avoid.

Speaking of business, I think it is better to start at the low point and enter the market at the peak, rather than Vice versa.

I want to make sure that we will be able to survive at least three failure coming one after the other.

When Henry Ford created a cheap and reliable cars, people said, “No, thank you. What is bad horse?”. He risked everything — and it worked.

Start-up and business growth is much more dependent on innovation, drive and dedication of the people who do it than from the product which they sell.

If you have the millions of dollars it changes your lifestyle — those who say otherwise, lie. I don’t need to work terms of standard of living, but I work every day and for several years did not rest.

We need to understand how we get what we love, and not to destroy the world.

Many people do not like change, but we must learn to accept them. Especially if the alternative to change is a disaster.

Error make not scary. Most importantly — every time you make a mistake in something new.

To create a good company — how to bake a cake: you need to take the right ingredients in the right proportions.