The Putin era: painting of despair

If we organize our political life, it turns out “landscape of despair”. But hopelessness is worse the crisis, the collapse or revolution, for it may be endless… Well, see for yourself what is and what we live with:

1. The autocracy. After the exhaustion of its sacredness and Ideas (of Faith), which consolidates the population, can only be simulated. Interlocking reforms, imitation of autocracy condemns the government for the same, i.e. decomposition.

2. Russian President Vladimir Putin. The personification of power at the stage of its decline, surviving through the shedding of responsibility for the irresponsible elite.

3. Prime Minister Medvedev. The perfect confluence of two important for the Kremlin functions: takes the place of the formal heir and a “punching bag” that doesn’t give him the chance to become a real heir.

4. Elite. Social layer serving autocracy, which is allowed to carry the crumbs from the table. Crumbs was less that affects the nature of the service.

5. “The inner circle”. Friends and family of leader framing of personified power. Becoming a guarantor of their interests, the leader loses the role of expression of national interests. And the “inner circle” becomes the first candidate for the role of sacrifice in regime change.

6. Security forces. The new owners of privatized repressive function of the state. The private interest of the security forces takes precedence over their willingness to serve the leader, depriving him of a reliable support.

7. Regardie. Contender for the main role of the Oprichnik, which destroys mutual deterrence power structures, transforming the President into a hostage of superbeasto.

8. “Ramzan Kadyrov”. Resource autocracy (may be fake). Is anti-systemic value, eroding elite consensus and the blurring of Imperial statehood.

9. “Pique mainstream”. The expert community, which tried to preserve loyalty to the authorities and to preserve reputation. The transfer of power to the repressive forces the mainstream to choose one or the other.

10. The official media. Tool of the disorientation of society, which became a means of discrediting the government.

11. Elections. A means of legitimation of power. Becoming a guarantor of results, the election has become a means of delegitimization of the authorities.

12. Repression. The way the ruling class to suppress their fear. The scale of repression is determined by the depth of this fear.

13. Opposition. Eliminating the opportunity for legitimate opposition, the government itself creates an implacable opponent, giving rise to the inevitability of political and civil strife.

14. Protest. The only way of change. But sometimes a change of regime plays an autocracy with a new Personification.

15. West. Ideological and civilizational alternative. Having lost all hope of reforming the autocracy, the West is interested in maintaining the latter in a dying condition, fearing the collapse of a nuclear state.

16. Syria. Becomes a factor of the weakening of the state, having all chances to become Russia’s new Afghanistan.

17. Foreign policy. A means of distraction from domestic problems. But creating around Russia a hostile environment, foreign policy has limited external sources of maintenance of the Russian economy. A model example of strategic failure.

18. Great power nationalism. Propaganda clichés that should cover the fact of desovereignization of Russia and its transformation into the “petrol pump” in developed countries.

19. The patriotism in Russian. Possible only the military that reflects the pride of power and military victories. In their absence becomes “historical patriotism”, calling for the pride for a selective past that allows not to think about the present and the future.

20. Adequacy in the Kremlin. The pride of the President of the Russian military action in Syria, which are actually the actions of the Americans in Afghanistan.

21. Interest. Allowed only the interest of the autocracy under the guise of “public interest”, which suppresses the interest of the individual.

22. Loyalty. Payment means the political class leader for the guarantee of prosperity and security. Loyalty is directly proportional to the strength of the guarantee.

23. The national identity. Suppressed from above, depriving the population of the national identity.

24. Trap. On the one hand, the preservation of autocracy leads to the degradation of the state and decay of society. On the other, the rejection of autocracy accelerates the decay of the Imperial state, who failed to become a nation state. And which is preferable?