Residents of Lithuania have exchanged the Lithuanian seaside European city

Lithuanians traditionally plan their summer vacations. But this year is going to relax less of the Lithuanians, the preferences of tourists change. Annual customer survey shows that this year more people stay on the Lithuanian seaside are going to exchange for travel in European cities, according to a press release.

“A customer survey about the habits in terms of travel we are conducting the third year. This year, unlike previous years, it has become clear that planning a holiday in Lithuania by the sea became less. Of the more than two thousand of clients surveyed only 14.4% this year intend to spend your vacation in Lithuanian seaside. Last year, for example, this kind of recreation was chosen by every fifth Respondent,” says Director of marketing hedra Fork.

Another 12% of respondents this year will have a rest in the Lithuanian village, the same amount of respondents said that the holiday this year will spend at home. In previous years the house had planned to rest 11% of respondents. But the rest abroad this year plans more respondents. 17% of Lithuanian residents planning to go to Europe and visit the great cities of the Old continent. Last year a European city would get 15% of clients. Rest on foreign resorts, such as Turkey or Egypt, this year chose every ten respondents (7% last year.).

In the far exotic countries, as in previous years, planning to go around 4% of the respondents. The study also shows that the part of the people of Lithuania still do not tend to plan vacations in advance. 23% of respondents reported still don’t know how to spend vacation this year. Last year talked about this 17% of the customers of the online store. Online customer survey held 23-29 may, the opinion in total, expressed a little over two thousand inhabitants.