7 secrets of how to come to his dream. How to see the perfect picture of your life?

Each of us has dreams, and our loved ones and friends do not miss the occasion to wish you realization of all our desires. Have you ever thought that dreams is the engine of progress, both personal and public? But for this scale they should be very bold and clear. If the average person will answer the question that he’d wanted to in life, is likely to be that he wants the same thing a neighbor, or that his dream is a distant dream, and not necessarily that they were true…

How to inspire yourself and people around? This will tell the owner of the network of centres for women’s development Svetlana Karimova. She knows how to dream to arrive at a perfect picture of his life. In an article for “Today. Svetlana will share the methods that she applies many years to your life and teaches women around the world.

Svetlana has a wonderful family and a successful business, she travels a lot, constantly learning and enjoys life. As the expert of the national TV channels and popular speaker, Svetlana inspires women to build the culture of a beautiful relationship in modern society. It also States that the desires are given to us not just because this is our mission if you want.

This article outlines specific steps by doing that you will realize that your dream is a real challenge, which should not gather dust on the shelves of your consciousness.

Let’s start with a very simple and obvious. The first rule, which I want to share with you a very easy and simple. And it sounds so: to make dreams come true, they should be! You should know where you are going, to know you strive, what is your goal. Suggest you to spend some time with the following idea, which is usually all really like – if you don’t know where you are going, you will be surprised when you come to the wrong place.

Second you need to do is to see a bright image of the target. But there is one important point: in order to feel the picture, your body should be completely relaxed. So you need to clearly present their desire that burned his cheeks, jumped the heart, in the belly of flying butterflies, the body ran down my spine… It helps to turn off the logic and understand what you really want. It is a state in which disabling the logic of the left hemisphere, you will be able to describe all your dreams. Now it is important to include the body images, feelings, emotions, impressions, sensations…

Once you understand how to see, once you understand in what condition to write to you it is very important to record your dreams! The fact that our subconscious works in such a way that when you think about something, those thoughts “clog up” your brain, and you have a lot of outstanding units of attention are not closed cycles that prevent clear to see the target.

There is a theory that you need to register dreams many times and constantly read them. Because the more you write, the more you believe in them, the more your subconscious mind believes in them. Written as if they already exist in the real world.

Now let’s move from the General to the practice

It is very important to evenly distribute the energy. People often live in the skewed – to give more attention to or business, or body, or children. But if you want only one, you send in all its forces. You know what happens when you want something, and when you direct all your energy in one area? You are destroying this area.

So now we uniformly distribute 100% of our energy, our time, a resource which should be enough for all areas of life. If you plan on only business and do not plan emotions, it’s not life it’s Groundhog day. Yes, you will have the money, you will have status and power, your ego will rejoice, but you will be unhappy in his personal life, for example, and you will be very bad, boring, bland to live.

Take leaves, sticks and right now start to write the short story “the Book of my life”. I will help you to quickly and correctly capture all areas of life. We are going to present themselves in the future, 10 years from now, but to write all you need in real time.

They write: “Today, June 27, 2027…” And the first thing you will need to see in 10 years is your perfect day. Describe in detail how you spend this day. Just let your brain take a walk, and write whatever comes into your head as you woke up what you do, how you look, who is close to you, what is your daily routine, what you ate, who surrounds you in your day, where you go, what do you do when you lie down and get up, how much time you spend on the road?

Don’t limit yourself! Try not to think about what they say girlfriend, he wants from you is your mother, think not about what is in the ideal picture of your man, release the imagination. Turn off the left hemisphere, and try to write in the present tense, all those vivid images that are presented to you. You write: “Today, June 27, 2027 and today I…”

This practice helps men. My man says dream with me and my son writes. I have taught this. Men harder to dream. But I believe you can do a lot in this life, and to dream including.

If you can see yourself there, believe me, results after that will exceed all expectations, because if you are able to see dreams and goals for 10 years… I saw myself old and I don’t make any unnecessary movements.

Only 1% of people on the planet capable of dreaming for 10 years, 1% of people able to run your business! 1%!

It’s really hard, but understand that it is important for you to learn. Let’s dream of a radical to develop all areas of your life.

The next thing you write is beauty and health. You describe in detail what you look like in 10 years: beauty and health – how you look, hair, nails, skin, weight, wardrobe, eyebrows, eyelashes, everything you can imagine.

Most importantly, I imagine how I look: I woke up, what I do, how I do sports, I run in the morning, stretch — that is all that concerns you and your body. Your health: I’ve some problems, write that you are healthy in fact that. One vision correction need someone chest want to make. Do what you want, the main thing that you are inspired, you liked what you see in 10 years. Dream big!

Then we describe our interaction with a partner sexual life. Remember that sexual life is not sexual intercourse, and relations of men and women. In the “me and him” you need to register, how do you see your relationship in 10 years. How you communicate, how you spend your time as you look at each other like touch each other. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal relationship, what they are. But don’t write “I want as Natasha”… No, write exactly what you will receive. Everyone can imagine something different.

Emotional life. It’s character, willpower, emotions. Here I suggest you to write what your emotional life in 10 years. Fit all what you want to learn, to feel, to try, than you refused what was forbidden. Try to see all of what is in your soul and what have you got there after 10 years. What emotions do you give yourself there? Joy, interest, pleasure? Skydiving, stunt driving, rock climbing, skating, karate. Perhaps something else…

I always describe massage emotions. I have it diving. But it is a heavy bleeding. I need to schedule time in three months a couple of days on a trip to Egypt for diving. This is my only extreme that I let into my life. Everything else I do not deliver any pleasure.

But you have to be a little massage of the emotions at hand. Not to go somewhere and spend a lot of money, but here and now. This can be 1 time per week bachelorette party, it could be movies, it could be to go to a play, concert. Someone is dancing, someone vocal. Imagine yourself 45 years, plan that you in these 10 years tried?

The next part of life, we represent this family. You write: “Today, June 27, 2027 and my family over the years… In the 10 years we…” and you describe your daily routine, how you interact, whether you have children, someone they are not even in the picture. And it is not necessary to force yourself, it’s not normal that we all have children. Normally something that responds to you, normally what you desire! Not normal to want what others want. Is the template the life of the average corpse, who died at 30, and was buried in 50.

So watch what you are talking. Some of you see children there, someone will see her husband. Your perfect family day. Where’s who? Imagine the traditions of your family and record.

There and in 10 years you can see how over these 10 years was the lives of your children, what they have achieved, how was life with your husband where he works, how much they earn, how they spend their time, beauty and health, his attitude towards you, write it massage emotions separately and your massage emotions which you have a joint massage emotions?

Case. You need to see and schedule what you do in 10 years. I truly believe that every person should be in charge.

A woman may not be a business woman, but she needs to concentrate on your job. The thing is to do something useful for people. Close your eyes, imagine your perfect day – you just see where you are going, when everybody leaves to school and work. Or you work from home, or work in a large team, you work at a computer or with children…

Further, it is very important to dream about your development. Imagine that your body is a machine in the basic configuration, absolutely empty. In 10 years you can complete it ten super skills, to learn something new. Every year getting a little bit better than in the past, to compete with them, but in any case not with the other – this is the development.

I have 10 years planned: one year – one skill I need. For example, speed reading, because I want to read a lot. I definitely need to master the skill of skorabahatayabecause I write books and I need to quickly and accurately collect all your thoughts, that was not such that because of printing speed, I can’t quickly Express their thoughts. Then the production of voice and speech, I have more than 10 years lecturer, trainer, and never did oratory, and I have the Odessa accent. I am well aware that while this is my thing, but at the level I’m getting, I need to catch up the skill.

I would like to learn acupuncture, acupuncture, to learn languages…

Now describe your material possessions that you have in the material world: houses, cars, apartments, money, capital, how much money should be in your account.

You don’t plan, you just believe. You describe the way of life that inspires you, beginning with the words: “Today, June 27, 2027…” covers all areas of life, and describe, in such detail that you have drool running down. At the end write : “I want that! But let it be as best for me. Let it be as God wants.”

Then transfer all of your Book Dream in the calendar, see what year it could all happen are laid on. Then write what needs to be done in this year to come to wherever your dreams.

What we need to do all we had? I know, I’m a business owner. I know, because I’m a mom, I know exactly because I am a lovely woman, especially men. If I’m inspired by what I’ll be 45, please tell me, I have more chances to come in 45 the same inspired, than those people who don’t see themselves in your 45? Yes! I saw myself at 35. I knew what image I wish, and this way went. And I was in the help all!

I know that this method works, and you need to write all the rules that I mentioned at the beginning. You write in a relaxed state, including all his imagination, letting go to walk your brain…

You will never have the power and ability, and will never have the chance to act, yet mosgorspravka dreams. The greater your dreams, the easier it is to achieve them, because so much energy in the dream, the same amount of energy is spent on actions. Accept that the more your request, the more he commands to act correctly, first be, then do something, and then to have something.

You probably know that the right hemisphere of your brain is responsible for feelings and emotions, vivid pictures for inspiration. And the larger and brighter will be your dreams, the brighter, bigger, more tasty, exciting they are, the more you submit the right hemisphere, the larger and brighter way of life you will see, the clearer the signal will go to the left hemisphere, and will give you energy for action, for achievement, for implementation.

Interviewed By Leah Guguchia