How to choose the perfect ice cream

Summer time — time not only sun and beach, but above all — ice cream. Now it is sold everywhere and in such numbers that dazzled, and the main thing — correctly to choose. The more that a good dessert will help satisfy your hunger because it contains natural fats and proteins. But the surrogate will not only give fullness, but may even cause allergies. Good ice cream today is not the cheapest product: it will have to pay about UAH 14-20, depending on the manufacturer and the filler. This money was not spent in vain, we figured out how to choose a good treat and that you need to pay attention to when buying.

How to do it properly, “Today” said the regional Manager of the dairy company Alexander Arobelidze and nutritionist Oksana Shevchuk.


Despite the fact that almost every second large crossroads, you can meet ice cream in bulk, experts not buy it recommend: to determine the composition and shelf life of this product is unreal. Especially in mobile outlets-refrigerators more difficult to maintain the correct temperature. To venture on bulk treat only if it is a stand well-known manufacturer (e.g., the franchise), where compliance with the standards of production and storage. Surely the same you can buy in small shops and stalls Packed ice cream.

According to experts, delivery of goods in a particular area or region is the same, and the party in a big market that the bench near the house are the same. But the price in the market may differ in the smaller side: the same product in the market you can buy 1.5—2.5 UAH cheaper.

To determine the quality of product in appearance is difficult: labels do not fade, and design and paint manufacturers do not save money, because this is largely a “children’s product” that needs a beautiful packaging. Picking up a bundle, note that it was the right shape (cone, Cup, rectangle, etc.): altered form says that the ice cream was melting, so — spoiled. Deciding to choose a product with a transparent lid, note the color and shape of ice — cream has to be without streaks, and the product met the original relief.


Look on the package the letters DSTU — they mean that the ice cream is made according to state standards. Figures DSTU 4733:2007 and 4735:2007 talking about what it milk, cream or ice cream. This ice cream varies according to the degree of fat ice cream — 20% fat, butter — 8-12%, milk 5-7% fat. The composition of this sweet dessert has to be natural fats (milk, cream), not a vegetable. In General, the smaller the list of ingredients, the better, because a lot of product — milk, butter, cream and sugar.

Letters TU (technical conditions) say that the ice cream produced according to the individual recipe, and she always passes all quality controls. Usually, this ice cream cheaper, but natural ingredients in it less. Pay attention to the date of manufacture, although, according to the standards, the shelf life of ice cream in compliance with the required temperature regime. Data such as the physical address of the manufacturer, nutritional and energy value, weight, name of the ice cream and the brand should be mandatory.

Color product must be pure white, but closer to milk or cream. Avoid unnatural bright colors — it speaks about the presence of “chemistry”. Quality ice cream should melt at room temperature 15-20 minutes, evenly and without the formation of water. The faster it melts and the slush drops — the more water in it and less milk or cream.


Is quite common and a delicacy in which dairy ingredients are replaced by fruit puree or frozen juice. The main difference, besides taste, low caloric content. This ice cream DSTU 4734:2007 that allows you to replace the milk with water or sugar syrup.

When choosing a sweet note on the number of substitutes and additives (E-NIS) — there should be a minimum. Well, honestly if the manufacturer specifies that it is ice and not ice cream with fruit filling. A similar option is sorbet, which is composed of pieces of dried fruit and crushed nuts. Another kind of cold sweets — frozen yogurt is usual yogurt, only more sweet and fatty, which are packaged and frozen in a commercial way. This sweetness is especially popular in Europe and among the followers of a healthy lifestyle. In local supermarkets frozen yogurt is still not as popular as other kinds of ice cream, and for the price it slightly above the usual ice cream: the average for the frozen bacteria will have to pay 25-30 UAH.