A poll of Lithuanians: after Brexia not going to come back

Seriously about returning home, I think only 7% of respondents of Lithuanian emigrants living in the UK. Another 21% say that, more likely, they go to another EU country, but not in Lithuania. In March of this year in the UK Lithuanian city of London club conducted a survey, in which the authors of the survey were interested in the influence of Breccia on living in the UK citizens of Lithuania.

The survey was conducted online, the results were first presented April 1 in Brussels organized the discussion “the Impact of Breccia for citizens of Lithuania in United Kingdom”. In total, the questions were answered 1 thousand 157 respondents. 30% of them live in the British capital London, the other in the province.

The majority of Lithuanians unskilled work (41%), 34% of respondents called themselves professionals or working in highly skilled jobs, and another 12% said that in the UK they have their own business or they are engaged in individual activities.

Research has shown that what until now Lithuanian politicians could only guess. As it turned out, plans for the UK to leave the EU is concerned about the 77% living in the country of Lithuania. More than half of respondents (55%) say that there is a likelihood that Breaksit will encourage them to seek British citizenship, even if it means the loss of Lithuanian citizenship.

Although the last time there was discussion about the fact that Brexit is a great opportunity for Lithuania to bring its citizens back into the country turned out to be serious about homecoming you think only 7% of respondents. Another 21% of respondents say they are more likely they go to another EU country, but not in Lithuania.

However, the vast majority of respondents acknowledged that the preservation of Lithuanian citizenship for them would be an important practical and emotional component, but most of them are in the circumstances unable to try to become UK citizens. This would mean that according to various estimates, after Breccia Lithuania may lose from 30 to 50 thousand citizens.

“According to official figures, the UK is about 170 thousand Lithuanians, and according to unofficial — more than 200 thousand. So if we assume that a quarter of them will seek British citizenship, it would mean that Lithuania will lose about 40-50 thousand citizens. Due to a lost emotional connection with Lithuania will be less likely that some of them ever go back to Lithuania or otherwise contribute to the welfare of Lithuania”, — commented the results of the survey, the President of the Lithuanian club Marius Raugalas. He expressed the hope that these people will create the opportunity to retain Lithuanian citizenship.