Russian Ambassador denies that Moscow is interfering in the Iranian elections

Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan of jagaran denies Moscow’s intervention in the presidential elections scheduled for April-may 2017. So he responded to reports of some Iranian media, which with reference to Russian experts say the Russian intelligence activities in the interests of the candidates loyal to Moscow.

Jagaran in an interview with the Iranian Ilna Agency said that “Russia will build a good relationship with the winning candidate.” He also added that “accusations of meddling in Iranian elections do not have under itself no bases”.

He also stressed that the media have tried to draw analogues between intervention in the American elections and the upcoming elections in Iran, but I “as the Ambassador of the Russian Federation categorically deny it”.

The Secretary of political expediency Council (an Advisory body to the Supreme leader of Iran, the main function of which lies in the resolution of conflicts between the guardian Council and Majlis — approx. lane) Mohsen Rezaye in the report submitted in December last year on the website Tabnak, has accused Russia of meddling in its intelligence agencies in the internal Affairs of the country, particularly in the upcoming Iranian elections.

He also warned that “within the Iranian regime there are those who are willing to use the influence of Russian intelligence in the country to control the behavior of a particular candidate or outcome of the election.” He points to the reformists and their allies, headed by current President Rouhani.

After the news spread about Russia’s intervention in the American elections, two factors contributed to the growth of the speculation about the Iranian election.

The first relates to the publication Tabnak message, which was circulated by the representatives of the fundamentalist circles of the Iranian regime. According to him, Vladimir Putin has notified the Iranian government that among senior officials is one who works with us intelligence.

The second factor, as mentioned above, is associated with the statements of the Russian expert on Iranian elections, which suggests that the Russians intend to support a particular candidate in the presidential elections in Iran.

Mohsen Rezaye warned about the seriousness of Russia’s intentions about the Iranian elections.

In contrast, reformists believe that the Iranian regime has become completely loyal to Russia. So the leader of the reformers Tagizade Mustafa, a former political adviser to the Ministry of internal Affairs notes that Russia has effectively nullified the role of Iran in Syria and the Iranian soldiers have become pawns in the hands of the Russians. He also criticizes the provision of Hamadan airbase to the Russians.

Tagizade stressed that the Iranian regime proclaims the slogan “No East, no West.” “However, signing the nuclear deal with the West and providing Russia air base in Hamadan, we just become Russian agents”, he added.