Arrived in Ukraine the updated Subaru XV

Updated Subaru XV arrived in Ukraine. The new architecture is designed to make the Subaru cars safer, improve handling and increase comfort. Subaru Global Platform is preparing the ground for new technologies – it can be used to build not only gasoline cars but also hybrids and electric cars.

Durable body

Through the use of new grades of high-strength steel car bodies on the new platform will be 70-100% stiffer than its predecessor.

Rigid body makes the car more composed and controllable.

Less noise

The result of a more rigid chassis will be fewer vibrations. Most of those that while riding the “broadcast” characteristics of the road surface into the cabin through the steering column and seat.

“Drivers ‘” cars often characterized by rigidity and a high level of noise, therefore there is a stereotype – gambling car can’t be comfortable. The new platform aims to rectify this situation. Subaru claim that the innovation allows to make a fast, dynamic ride more comfortable.

Concern for the safety

The level of absorption of collision energy on the new platform grew by 40%, which significantly distinguishes the new construction from the previous one.

It is critical for the safety of passengers in a collision. Absorbing the impact energy, the power elements of the body are deformed and are “stacked”, and the collision energy is attenuated and does not reach the passengers in the cabin.

Subaru States that the car on the new platform in the future will be the safest in the world.

The pleasure of drive

Subaru – native “drivers ‘” cars, and the new platform is designed to make their handling more acute and clear.

The company continues the ideas laid decades ago during the development of boxer engines, which advantage has always been low location.

Lower center of gravity positively affects the handling, making the car less “leans” in the corners.

It is always allowed Subaru to create a car with high ground clearance and excellent handling. Crossovers competitors are often characterized by Walcott and composure in dynamic driving, while the main impression of Subaru crossovers consumers are often referred to as “manageability, as in the car”.

The new platform elevates the idea in the absolute, because the engineers managed to make the center of gravity of the car at the Subaru Global Platform another 5 cm below.

Combat rolls

When the car rotates at the speed, its weight tends to seek “outside” of the turn, which leads to lateral roll and deteriorating the controllability.

Manufacturers are fighting this phenomenon through various constructive decisions in the chassis.

Subaru Global Platform provides a solution to a new type.

Rear stabilizer built directly into the car body. At the request of the engineers, it leads to a decrease in lateral roll in corners by 50% compared to previous models.

In addition to more fun behind the wheel that makes cars safer. In the case where the driver needs to make a sharp turn and the car stays more controllable and obedient.

Core values

The most important elements of the philosophy of Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive and boxer engines remained in their places.

Looking to the future, Subaru is not going to abandon factors that always separated the company from other car manufacturers.

A look into the future

Subaru is not the only automaker that creates a shared modular architecture for its model range. But the Japanese are the most ambitious and far-sighted.

Subaru Global Platform will not only affect the next generation of existing models – Impreza, XV, Forester, Outback, etc. – but the new model, which is no detailed information.

The new platform is designed not only for gasoline cars, it also have a different internal layout of elements, which gives the opportunity to use it to create hybrid cars and electric cars.