Trying to save money on taxes: can I get a job “part-time” on your work

“We have to work in connection with raising the minimum wage trying to get away from having to pay more taxes. And the thought of such a thing: we propose to retire and be issued “concurrently”. But, logically, how can I work part time, if I will not be there main job?” — Elena D.

Meets Yuri Androshchuk, attorney law firm “Univers-al”:

“On the one hand, you are right, and itself presupposes the existence of part-time work. On the other hand, it seems that your employer is trying to take advantage of the fact that when taking you to the robot concurrently, he is not obliged to verify whether you have actually main job. Thus, if we assume that someone came to be employed on a part-time job, brought a passport and, if necessary, a diploma, and told that allegedly he has some basic work (and in fact it is not — that is, he lied to the employer), it will credit, say, part-time as part-time and even will pay taxes of half the minimum wage. But we must understand that it will last only until such time as fiscal service see that go to the employee taxes for half the minimum wage, and then turn to the enterprise as the tax agent liable for payment of taxes for this employee, with penalties for underpayment of taxes. Then the company would have to prove that it is not their fault.

Yes, now there is some lack of resolution in this matter, and there is no clarity how this will happen in practice, and how quickly it will react to the fiscal service. But the trend of policy of the tax authorities in our country are such that long is unsettled in this matter will not be and so obvious “hole” for tax evasion, most likely, will quickly close.”