In Japan, dogs are taught to diagnose cancer

In Japan dogs are trained to identify cancer using urine. Now scientists are conducting research with residents Kaname. Send everyone to Medical school Nippon frozen samples of urine – 24 TV Channel.

At school, dogs are taught to sniff out signs of cancer. According to scientists from the Medical school, their dogs during the study guessed the diagnosis in 100% of cases.

The fact that the human nose has 5 million receptors, while dogs – 30 million. Also in animals there are additional njuhatelnye receptors on the back of the nose. They allow animals to identify cancers, which are known to have an odor.

Now only 5 dogs from across the country can identify cancer by smell, each of the animals is 45 thousand dollars.

According to statistics, in the city of Kaname, which is located in the North-Eastern part of Japan, the highest percentage of mortality due to stomach cancer.