In Brussels, the terror, in Warsaw, order reigns

If the terrorists will not get really hard resistance (and, most likely, this will not happen), will soon present a permanent state of emergency will apply to small cities and will spread across European provinces. The wave of terrorist attacks, in the end, will create emotions that will not deter memorized political correctness, and in Europe there would be an explosion of hatred for the Muslims living there. In conflict will be drawn to all — including people who do not share those radical views. And the state apparatus of the democratic countries because of its innate helplessness of the system and ideology that prescribes to be equal to all religious and ethnic groups (except, of course, Christians), will only exacerbate the situation. Finally, war breaks out in some places, like the guerrilla of the intifada, some more traditional. This will lead to a complete destabilization of many countries in the continent, already facing economic and political crisis.

Fiction? Do you remember Lebanon, which was once a stronghold of wealth and peace in the middle East? Have you seen the pictures of the ruins of Beirut, which was, until its destruction by the bloody civil war, exotic capital is full of chic and luxury and differs little from European cities? Anyone who skeptically shakes his head, let me remind you of what criticism even half a dozen ago, met a sober looking at things the writers who dared to suggest that coming to Europe Muslim immigrants or even their children born on European territory, joining the ranks of the terrorists and start killing Europeans. Could someone even after 11 September 2001 to take seriously the forecasts that in 2017 the Old continent will regularly shake the Islamists attacks, and blood will flow almost every day?

Can Europe avoid the above gloomy scenario? Of course. But it will have to resort to drastic means. Meanwhile, Western companies affected by leprosy ideology of tolerance and syphilis of moral decay, not ready. They allow the press to deceive themselves and promote the power concocted needful in the interests of Brussels Eurocrats and the new York financiers of Macaroni and leftist slogans on the lips, which not only will be able to cope with the problem, but will only deepen. Instead of having to do a revival of Europe, referring to the roots of its greatness, evroelity will continue to push forward the car of a gender revolution — the next stage of the anti-Christian madness. Instead try to revive the European Nations, his decrees, decrees, and resolutions they will drive the final nails in their coffins.

So the West, by and large, already beyond help. Poland, meanwhile, is in a relatively comfortable position: at least in the fight against Islamic terrorism we have a large field for maneuver. We are at the same point, in some European countries were before them came a flood of migrants from Muslim countries. While we are now much better aware of what consequences may result in a new situation.

So I’m sure that even if the current Polish government under pressure from the European manipulators will change their opinion about the reception of migrants, the poles say a decisive “no” and make the government listen to the majority opinion. The poles in blood, resistance to the Muslim onslaught, whether the Sultan’s army under the sign of the Crescent moon or going with the name of Allah on the lips of hordes of migrants. In addition, almost everyone in our country it is clear that Poland would be relatively protected from Islamic terror (unless, of course, in the modern world with its freedom and fast transport some corner of the Earth can be protected) only for as long as she is able to put a barrier to the flow of Muslim migrants.

It is hoped that soon the phrase “In Warsaw, order reigns” (the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of France, and Horace Sebastiani, said in 1831, in connection with the suppression of the Polish uprising — approx. lane) gets a whole new meaning and lose their known to us from the history of tragic sound.