Why a person feels anxiety

Reasonable worries and concerns – it is normal for each person. But if the anxiety appears from nowhere, without apparent reason, there is reason to pay attention to their health. What processes in the body can cause unexplained bouts of anxiety and emotions? Let’s see, writes medic.ua.

Lack of physical activity

First and foremost, if you experience unexplained anxiety, pay attention to their physical activity and nutrition. To maintain physical and mental health, correct sleep and wakefulness, vitamins and minerals and regular physical activity. Their absence negatively affects the whole human body and can cause development problems in the nervous system and the emergence, in particular, anxiety.

Hormonal disorders

One of the main causes of anxiety is disorders in the endocrine system – the thyroid, ovaries, adrenal glands, etc. as a result of these failures in the body there is an imbalance of hormones which directly affects the health of the nervous system and psyche. Sometimes panic attacks, fear or anxiety are hardly the only sign of problems with the thyroid or beginning of menopause, so experienced neurologists or psychiatrists that have treated patients with similar problems, first advise the patient to contact the endocrinologist, to hand over harmonogramu and do thyroid ultrasound.


Unexplained fear or anxiety can be a direct sign that the body has lodged a virus such as flu or herpes. First, in viral diseases with fever, panic attacks – a natural phenomenon as a violation of thermoregulation in the body affects the nervous system. Second, the viability of the virus directly affects the nervous cells, increasing their excitability.

Matters of the heart

Cardiovascular disease is also often accompanied by an inexplicable anxiety. But unlike other reasons, anxiety in this case is not assertive and fleeting. Anxiety occurs gradually and passes quickly, and after a while covers again. Cause of fear in diseases of the heart and blood vessels is that on the background of disturbance of blood circulation, causing brain cells don’t receive necessary nutrition, which affects the sensitivity of the nervous system.


Stress lurks at every corner and eventually drain the nervous system and impairs the adaptability of the body. The result is a sleep disorder, there is increased irritability or on the contrary apathy and groundless anxiety, particularly about events that are hardly worthy of attention.