Forecasters said the weather forecast earlier in the week

Weather in Ukraine on Monday, February 20, will determine the area of high pressure, reports Reuters.

Precipitation on this day not expected, and only at night in the South of Odessa region, and in the afternoon in the South of the country of precipitation, mainly rain. On the roads in some places sleet. Night and morning fogs.

Wind southwest 5-10 m/s. night Temperature from 1° C to 4° frost, in the Western and Central regions of the places of 5-8° below zero; day 2-7° Celsius.

In Kiev – rain, night and morning fog, wind southwest 5-10 m/s. Temperature will stand at 1-3° below zero, day 3-5° Celsius.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory, for the entire period of meteorological observations in Kyiv in day 20 of February the highest temperature was recorded at the level of 9.2 degrees Celsius in 1925, and the lowest in the night at around 25.0 degrees Celsius in 1895.

On Tuesday, February 21, in the West, and in the afternoon in Northern and Central areas are expected rain and wet snow during the day in the Carpathians heavy precipitation the rest of the territory – no precipitation. Black ice on the roads.

Wind West and South-West of 7-12 m/s, West, in the afternoon in Northern areas gusts 15-20 m/s, in the highlands of the Carpathians 25-30 m/s. night Temperature from 3° C to 2° heat, day 1-6° Celsius.

In Kiev 21 February night – no precipitation expected in the afternoon rain and sleet. Black ice on the roads. Wind West and South-West of 7-12 m/s, in the afternoon places rushes of 15-20 m/s air Temperature at night about 0°, day 3-5° Celsius.