Concord Bank released the miracle card “replaces” the students parents

The map 24/7 notifies the student’s parents about its financial “well-being” urgently solve any money problems free converts the national currency to any currency in the world and connected to Internet banking, where there are no commissions. Order it can anyone the link , because it is such a miracle invention…only 100 hryvnias. After the introduction of bezveza the flow of customers ceases, the developers say the Bank. Among them most often, students of the universities of the country and Europe, travelers and relatives of Ukrainians working abroad.

All the fast-food world map of Concord gets 5%

– Imagine your child in an unfamiliar city, studying, traveling, or already working. – Says the Vice-Chairman of the Concord Bank Elena Ostanina. – You will always get an honest answer to the question: “don’t forget you have hot lunch?”, “Do you feel well?”, “Is there enough money to pay for a hostel?”. There are situations when the child urgently needs to transfer money or to pay for certain goods, buy a plane ticket or a train, to extend the rent or to pay in a taxi, rush to buy sneakers. Most often, this occurs suddenly and it is better to learn about it personally and immediately.

So we decided to develop a financial product – a map like the “911” service, which immediately notifies parents about failed transactions due to lack of money or fraud attempt in a mode “online” , allows you to see the statement of expenditure of the child and gives an opportunity to fill the card immediately and without commissions through almost any terminal or mobile device. And even if the mobile was out of money with the Bank can be contacted around the clock via Viber or Whats App and the student will assist in all directions. The map called “inJoy”, i.e. “joy”.


At the moment, the developers boast the Concord Bank, a Ukrainian alternative to the map “inJoy” does not exist. The mechanism is simple:

for a one-time payment of 100 hryvnias, the customer receives a package of 3 cards – main and two additional for family members, with access to the main card account and online control of spending. On the map you can set a limit on cash withdrawal. And if necessary, a map of the “inJoy” can be a credit.

– when traveling abroad no need to look for exchangers with a “good course” or the presence of rare currency such as Chinese yuan or Swiss francs, as torque is automatically and completely free converted this map into any currency of the world. Therefore, it is possible to pay for goods in any point of the globe.

card returns 5% of each visit all the fast-food world, like McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, etc. If the European fast food lunch costs about 300 hryvnia, then a minute later, the map will return cash back in the amount of 15 UAH, which you can spend on something else.


1. Request card “inJoy” can two-click the link: ;

2. pick up finished product:

– in the river: Concord Bank on the square Trinity, 2 and ekaterynoslavsky Boulevard, 1;

– in Odessa: at the market “Privoz” – kolontaevskaya str, 9/11 and Nooseplay series,2;

– in Kiev, Yaroslaviv Val 17A;

– Lviv, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog on addresses, which can be found here:

Banking license No. 230 from city 07.11.11