Triumph of the Ukrainian team at the European championship in diving

19 June in the press center of the UNIAN was held a press-conference of a management of Sport Life group of companies and the Federation of Ukraine on a diving devoted to the final performances of the national team of Ukraine at the European championship in diving in Kiev, with the participation of the national television media: STB, New channel, ICTV, 5 Kanal, 24 Kanal, XSport. Also among the participants of the conference medal winners national team of Ukraine in diving Anna Pysmenska, Oleg Kolodiy and head coach of the national team of Ukraine in diving Tamara Tokmacheva.

Recall that the Ukraine for the first time in history took the European championship in diving. The competition took place from 12 to 18 June in one of the best sports facilities in Europe – the Metropolitan sports Center “Liko” where is Federation of Ukraine on a diving and fitness club Sport Life.

During the press conference the President of the Federation of diving Igor Lisov commented on the final results of the competition: “I Congratulate Ukraine with the first all-team place at the European championship in diving. Thank you to all the athletes and coaches for the high professional preparation and a vivid struggle in the championship. The championship was attended by over 100 athletes from 23 countries. They loved our city, our country. The broadcast caused a stir in all countries of Europe.”

Also Igor Lisov said: “We were able to host the championship due to the emergence in Kiev of ultra-modern sports complex. He is not only a superb venue for Championships at any level, but also as a basis for the preparation of our Ukrainian athletes. Our team is young, has significant potential for new victories at the Olympics and world Championships. Plus our children’s school begins training athletes with 4 years. That’s why I believe Ukraine has always been a star water sports”.

“Brilliantly organised a big sporting event, you can be proud of all of Ukraine, as well as Euro 2012 or Eurovision — said the founder of Sport Life group of companies Dmitriy Ekimov. — Now we see substantial benefits, which are received by the society and the state in the construction of the private business of sports facilities. Among our 50 fitness clubs, there are venues willing to host the competitions of world level in swimming, Boxing, other martial arts, squash, weight and dance disciplines. And the growth of our network to 100 fitness clubs in the next three years it will be possible to consider a tremendous contribution to the development of sports infrastructure, a massive improvement of the country’s population. And we are now working with other federations on the construction of new complexes championship level. We will be ready to accept the European and world Championships in dozens of sports!”

Also Dmitrii Ekimov shared plans to develop a network of fitness clubs Sport Life abroad: “We deal with many European countries, but their sports is still a parastatal, and therefore heavier. Now we have started to work with Azerbaijan and Belarus. In many post-Soviet countries, the sport still remained subsidized, it is an object of the subsidies, not the interaction between the state and private business, so people come and learn from our experience. We are also negotiating with Austria and Hungary”.

In the nearest plans of Igor Lysova and Dmitry Yekimov to visit Azerbaijan. “This country is well-prepared, she took the first European Olympic games. The infrastructure in Azerbaijan is very good, but to bring life, unfortunately, they can’t. Therefore, we plan to go to the Minister of sports of Azerbaijan in the next two weeks. If we will have an agreement, then the next country, where will be presented the network Sport Life will be Azerbaijan”, — said Igor Lisov.

According to the results of the competition Ukraine took 1st place at the European championship in diving, ahead of main rivals, Russia, by two points. In the medal standings Ukraine took the 2nd place. In total, Ukrainian athletes won 10 medals (3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze).