“Right-wing radicals for the car — a new weapon of attack. This is not surprising,” — said the expert

“It seems that right-wing extremists have found inspiration in the methods of the jihadists,” says researcher Jakob Ravndal (Jacob Ravndal) from the Center for the study of extremism at the University of Oslo.

Attack on mosque

In the night of Monday, just after midnight, a van crashed into a group of Muslims in the North of London. Injured ten people. The person it was already bad at the time, when the car died. Is unknown whether it is the attack cause of his death.

“The episode has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack,” said Neal Bass (Neil Basu), senior national coordinator of anti-terrorist groups of police.

“He was screaming that he will kill the Muslims”

Abdulrahman Aidrus (Abdulrahman Aidroos) was one of those who detained the criminal before the police arrive.

“He was screaming that he’ll kill more Muslims”, — said Aidrus on the BBC.

Attack near mosque near Finsbury Park during the Muslim Holy of Ramadan, occurred after several major terrorist attacks carried out by Islamists in England. Now many fear growth of terrorism, is dictated by right-wing extremist motives.

The wave of right-wing violence fell

Jacob Ravndal indicates that in the last 20-30 years, right-wing extremism experienced a decline. In 2014, for example, in Europe there was not a single speech of right-wing extremists, which led to a lethal outcome.

“However, there have been discussions about what will right-wing extremists are more active against the growth of immigration and in response to the attacks of the jihadists,” says Ravndal.

“No wonder it’s spreading”

The figures for 2016, received the Center for the study of extremism, I can say that this is really happening.

In 2016 in Europe, there were seven fatal shark attacks committed by right-wing radicals — three of them in England. While these numbers are low, Ravndahl believes that the growth can be described as quite remarkable.

“Given the scale of terror by Islamists, the level of violence shown by right wing extremists, it seems surprisingly low. No wonder he’s growing,” he says.

According to news Agency Associated Press, a source in the British government said that the crime caused by hatred of Muslims, has increased five times after the attacks, carried out by Islamists in recent times.

Three fatal cases in the UK

Right-wing extremist attack that led to fatal outcomes in England last year:

• The murder of a politician-laburisti Joe Cox in West Yorkshire a week before the vote on Brexia.

• An attack on a pregnant Muslim woman at a supermarket in Milton Keynes (Milton Keynes), the perfect 37-year-old man. The child she had lost.

• A gang of teenagers 15-16 years old attacked two poles in Essex. Later, one of the attacked died of their wounds.

The facts: other attacks in London

3 June 2017. Seven people were killed and 48 were injured when three criminals first crushed the people on London bridge, and then attacked people with knives on the market borough Market (Borough Market). In the end, the attackers were killed by police.

22 Mar 2017. A man ran over a few pedestrians on Westminster bridge, and then stabbed a policeman trying to break into the Parliament. A policeman later died from wounds. Only killed six people. The criminal was killed by police. The extremist group ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

May 22, 2013. Soldier Lee Rigby (25) was killed at Waliczky barracks in South-East London. First two men ran him down with car and then finished him with a knife and a meat cleaver. Both of the attackers are British converts to Islam, from families of immigrants from Nigeria. Both were arrested and later sentenced to prison, one for life, another — for 45 years.

July 7, 2005. 52 people were killed and over 700 injured when four suicide bombers blew themselves up in three underground trains and a bus. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist network al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in PB — approx. ed.).

Since 1970-ies and up to the truce in 2001 a series of terrorist attacks in London held a Northern Irish group IRA.

Adheres to every fourth extremist right orientation?

However, the figures characterizing the struggle of the British authorities-radicalization and terror, suggest that right-wing extremism in the country is widespread. Program Prevent registers of people at risk. Most of them are Muslims, but last year a quarter of them were right-wing radicals, 10% more than the year before.

When this winter figures were published, the project leader David Anderson (David Anderson) said that right-wing extremists planning attacks “is increasingly fueled tensions” posed by Islamist terrorism, reported the Evening Standard.

Attempt an attack using a car in malmö

Ravndahl believes that the method of attack on Monday night in London was pretty interesting. The attacks with car as a weapon in the past year repeatedly committed by Islamic terrorists.

“A week ago in malmö neo-Nazi attempted to enter the crowd of immigrants at the demonstration, but failed, crashing into a tree. It is surprising that after such a short period of time there was a new attack on Muslims with the help of a car,” says Ravndal. He thinks that the methods of Islamist terror have influenced right-wing extremists.

“Sometimes I think that the motive here was revenge,” he says.

“This is rarely the organized attacks”

Ravndal indicates that right-wing terrorism and violence is a relatively marginal phenomenon.

“Full attack organized groups are rare. Attacks are often carried out in small Autonomous groups such as the NSU in Germany, or the terrorists in the latter cases we are talking about mental disorders,” says Ravndal.

NSU, which he mentions is a small group whose members were arrested in 2011. They killed in Germany in the early 2000-ies of at least nine immigrants and one police officer.

These are extreme right-wing terrorist attacks

The terrorist threat emanating from right-wing radicals, is very different from the Islamist threat, emphasizes Jakob Ravndal. He investigated more than 500 cases of right-wing extremist terrorism and violence in Europe in 1990-2016. Here are some of his key findings:

• For a large part of the episodes resulted in death and injuries are not too organized gangs and loners.

• As for targets, we can distinguish two groups: immigrants and “left”. Then there are the Muslims, government officials and homosexuals. The number of attacks on Muslims, apparently, growing.

• Methods: the most common weapon is the knife. Then comes the hitting, the kicking legs, the use of explosives and firearms. The terrorist attack in Norway on 22 July 2011 — so far the only example of a combined attack with the use of and firearms, and explosives.