If you do not offer an alternative, in place tomorrow Putin will come the second Putin

Bonn — Known former businessman, the founder of the Foundation “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that in the middle of his next presidential term of Vladimir Putin to start the operation “Successor”. Including about Khodorkovsky said, speaking at the international media forum in Bonn.

“After prison I never wanted to be back in business, so I was engaged socially-in political life. The task is to help the country become a democratic state, — said the founder of the Foundation “Open Russia”. — It is important to change the system, now Russian authoritarianism. If you do not offer an alternative, in place tomorrow Putin will come second Putin”.

Khodorkovsky believes that the official data on the support of the President of Russia (80%) overcharge:

“If you look at more in-depth study, significant support for Putin is based on the fact that people see no alternative. 30-40% is really his electorate. If the rest of you and will vote for him, but from despair. And this is a very weak base for support.”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky stressed that the task of civil society to make the alternative was not a person but a system.

“At the head of the system must be right. We need a strong government and a Parliament and an independent judiciary, — said Khodorkovsky. — Russia is a huge country. The head of one person is not enough to skip through all her problems and peculiarities. Therefore, the best form of government would be a parliamentary Republic. In accordance with our traditions we can come in two steps, the first will be the transition to a presidential-parliamentary form”.

The ideal option for change in Russia would be if Putin refuses to participate in elections in 2018, said Khodorkovsky.

“But this kind of fiction, he said. — Putin is a pragmatic man. He understands that if you try to change the Constitution a second time, it will not happen so easily. I hope he realizes that it is impossible to transfer power in the form in which it exists now. So I guess, in the middle of the next term Putin will deliver a successor who will have to carry out reforms. It is also in a sense a dream, but it’s more real. Otherwise it will change more and more hard way. The state apparatus in the near future will begin to look for alternatives”.

According to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the street protests that have recently taken place across Russia, are important.

“From what the street will hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people and say that we are the power, the regime will change, — said the speaker. But it is important that the people see an alternative view. Saw that their concerns and dissatisfaction of not virtual that around, too many dissatisfied”.

Khodorkovsky also answered questions about the role of the media. According to him, the Kremlin cleared and took control of almost all successful and the once popular publications and TV channels in Russia. In addition, under the guidance modes are active trolls.

“Independent Newspapers have survived, but are under constant pressure, he said. Bloggers can’t replace the media, because the problem of verification of the information has not been canceled. The credibility of the press is based on the fact that journalists are responsible for the facts. We try to help the media to create field of views, so that people can see the alternative.”

A serious problem, according to Khodorkovsky, is the information war that Russia is waging within the country and abroad, connecting to this Diaspora:

“Unfortunately, democratic States have not yet found an answer how to mark the lie. Just score field information is not the answer. I hope that not only politicians, but also large corporations such as Facebook, to connect with to deal with fake news.”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, also gave his definition of a “Russian world”, which today has become synonymous with the aggressive Putin regime.

“This concept has lost its original meaning, as the word “patriotism”. This led to the fact that people are turning away from the Russian language and culture. This can be seen on the example of Ukraine. You need to draw the line between the Kremlin and Russia, Putin and Russians,” — said Khodorkovsky.