How to make family life more enjoyable

Often quarrel with her husband over nothing, sulking over something stupid and hurt each other? These tips may seem strange but they can actually make your family life quieter and quieter.

There are many proven ways to make family life unbearable. But there is no one that would guarantee in 100% and helped restore family peace and harmony. So try not to bring the case before the conflict. It’s not as difficult as you think, writes Here are some effective tips that will help to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels.

Tip 1
Don’t try to get into his skin

Attempt to see the situation from the point of view of the partner is a good idea. But, studies show, she often doomed to failure. At the University of Chicago conducted an interesting experiment: collected 104 pairs and asked each spouse to predict how the partner will react to certain questions. And what is interesting: if it was about those situations which have really occurred in the family, the answers were close to the truth. If the family did not get in a certain situation, then attempt to guess the actions of the partner was almost always unsuccessful.

What follows from this? Yes, you don’t even try to simulate in your mind a model of the behavior of your husband and try to understand what it will decide. The best way to understand what he thinks or feels – just ask him. Maybe the Council are not very original, but effective!

Tip 2
Do not rush!

Seeing that her husband walked into the room, not shoes off and you immediately swoop in on him with accusations? Catching him with a cigarette in the kitchen, you immediately begin to rebuke him, saying, he poisons the family smoke? If you found a spouse for something that you do not approve, do not rush to immediately berating him. And not only that in the heat is not to be mean, but to… he admitted his guilt! The logic is simple: even if the husband understands what goes wrong, in response to your attacks he takes a defensive position and begins to defend himself. This is a basic law of psychology: the fear of punishment causes a person to deny his guilt to the last. But if you keep silent, fear will weaken, and the husband is likely to be inclined himself to confess and say that I was wrong.

Tip 3
More clarity

Are you trying to convince husband that we need to save money to send their children to a certain school or find another job? Words are great, of course, but not very clearly. And they don’t always reach the goal. Try to use such a great business tool, as graphs or charts. They visually and very clearly you will see that your idea is really good.

For example, make a chart, which shows what and exactly how much spending money your family: if, say, the cost of pleasure exceeds 10%, then surely it is time to reconsider the approach to the family budget. To construct the graph, which shows that professions are gaining popularity, so you should send the child to study them.

Tip 4
Less words

We all know that husband and I have to say. Ask him how his day was, to talk about their Affairs. But how often such conversations drag on for hours, boring become one of the spouses, and sometimes both! However, you continue to lead them, because you said that my husband need to talk…

Try to do otherwise. During the day clear husband a few links on the topics that interest you and you would like to discuss with him. Most likely, he will review them briefly and will be more prepared to the conversation. Your conversation will not be delayed for a few hours, her husband already will be “in the know”.