Because of Brexit canceled the speech from the throne Queen

The traditional throne speech of the Queen, annually opening the new session of the British Parliament, in 2018 will not take place, said the UK government. In connection with the upcoming process of the country’s withdrawal from the EU the next parliamentary session will last for two years instead of one, as usual, said the Chairman of the house of Commons Andrea Linds.

This unusual step, according to parliamentarians, will give them ample time to painstakingly work on the necessary legislation in the framework of the “breccia”.

This year’s Queen’s speech will take place, but by the decision of Elizabeth II it was postponed for two days to give the conservatives more time for negotiations with partners. Initially, the speech from the throne was scheduled for Monday June 19, but postponed until Wednesday.

Tradition, according to which the monarch opens a new session of Parliament, appeared in the XVI century. The Queen in the carriage leaving Buckingham Palace and arriving at the House of lords, where the software reads out the speech prepared by the government, which reported in detail about plans of the Prime Minister in the near future.

The abolition of the throne speech – is not entirely unprecedented, but extremely rare event in recent British history. The first time it was canceled in 1949, and then only in 2011, the then ruling coalition of conservatives and liberal Democrats.

We will remind, negotiations about the UK’s exit from the European Union will begin approximately June 19.