The American shot a little daughter, talking about safe handling of weapons

An American resident of Indiana inadvertently killed his little daughter a gun in that moment, when talked about safe handling of weapons the other two to his children — sons.

According to “life” with reference to the Mirror, the 33-year-old Eric Hummel decided to show the boys what happens when weapons are in the hands of inexperienced people. For clarity, he was holding a gun. In the midst of the lecture, in walked 9-year-old Olivia, and father, pointing at her weapons, pulled the trigger.

He later told police that he believed if the gun uncharged. The bullet hit the girl in the head, she died almost immediately after she was urgently taken to the hospital.

The Hummel is charged with neglect of persons under 14 years of age, resulting in death. While the police said that the death of Olivia was not just an “accidental discharge” of firearms, and the consequence of actions that threaten all members of the family.

“His actions caused the death of Olivia and probably for life doomed to emotional suffering boys,” said the chief of the local police office Richard Cormier.