In Klimkin announced an important “turning point” for Ukrainians

Start of visa-free regime with the European Union became mentally fractured for Ukrainians. In an interview with “the observer” said the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebiynis.

“The introduction of a visa-free regime is a mental change and an event that can be compared with the most important milestones in our recent history. This is not just a technical solution, it is much more. “Bezviz” give the Ukrainians the feeling of freedom, the mental involvement in the European environment. Visa – free regime- an opportunity for millions of Ukrainians to see how it works Europe as there are European values,” – said Perebiynis.

According to him, all attempts to downplay the importance of a visa-free regime, which go from Moscow, is wrong.

“For example, they say that Ukrainians have no money, so they still will not ride, but it’s not. Even the young students, having a biometric passport, can afford the bus ticket for a few dozen euros. Visa-free regime will enhance the support of Ukrainians ‘European integration trends”, – concluded the Ambassador.