Putin answers all questions. In addition to unexpected

Vladimir Putin — the father of the nation, and a good uncle to his four-hour television show. We publish keys to display the charm of the Russian President.

1. Putin The Merciful

More than two million questions have come from Russian TV viewers by the time when the publication of Putin’s show of this year appeared on the Russian television. This was reported by the filled with expectations of leading the program, while the Russian President was seated on a warm chair for the 15th time since 2001.

Most called, of course, in vain. But the elected, broke through the telephone of obstacles, this year again had the opportunity to solve their problems in live, while the President appointed the perpetrators.

A single mother called, because they did not receive assistance after her house burnt down during a forest fire. Putin promised to understand with local authorities and provide assistance. Then I called an elderly woman. She lives in harsh conditions with her three children, because they did not receive compensation after the recent flooding in the village. Putin immediately turned to the local Governor. “Where’s the money?” — occurred and he promised to personally take up this issue, and Governor.

2. The father and the father of the nation

A four-hour television program with carefully selected questions gave Vladimir Putin the opportunity to show their most attractive sides in the nine months before the presidential election.

“What is the biggest fish you caught?” — was one of the strange questions. Another questioner wanted to know how Putin feels at the role of grandparents.

This year’s show was different in that it was the first in which the birth of a child gave Putin, that is, the father of the nation, the opportunity to welcome the newborn citizen after only 20 minutes after birth. This was a bright moment in a generally gloomy debate about low fertility.

Do not breath, Putin said that he just gave another grandson. The audience in the Studio enthusiastically began to applaud.

3. Defender Of Russia

There were more difficult questions. A young boy asked Putin why he does not do away with the “corrupt government”. The President asked suspiciously, he young person came up with this question. Then he promised that no “crime” will not be forgotten.

The fact that the last word always rests with the President. After school the teacher complained about his low salary, Putin pointed to the evil forces in the country. Many problems are thus due not to his own government, and that the West wants to put Russia on its knees, he said.

“…the history of Russia shows that we, as a rule, lived under sanctions from the moment when Russia began to rise on feet and to grow,” he said.

At the same time, the President stressed that the sanctions make the country stronger.

4. Humor uncle

Putin this year has tried several times to joke to long show was easy. In 2015, he told jokes about the beer lover former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (Gerhard Schröder). This year, he walked through the President of the neighboring country of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Poroshenko reiterated the other day that Ukraine wants to turn back to Russia to cooperate with Europe. Putin joined the quote poet Mikhail Lermontov from Russian derogatory name for homosexuals (Simon Cruz clearly does not know what he wrote Lermontov, and confused police with homosexuals — approx. transl.).

“…there are these blue uniforms more than we do, and let it not relaxes especially, and how if something happened, let him carefully glances at parties,” Putin said.

“Ha ha ha” — politely laughed in the audience.

5. Invulnerable

But there was not a single question about the arrest of opposition politician Alexei Navalny three days ago. There was no one who would have asked about the arrest by the police almost 800 demonstrators in Moscow. Because Putin does not allow anything unexpected on his show. The questions and the questioner are carefully selected. Many of them were invited to the rehearsal in front of the camera last week, the newspaper RBK.

However on the screen during the show there were some unwanted issues. It happened when the channel “Russia” for a short time was opened for questions by SMS. “Why don’t you go?” — suddenly appeared on the screen for a few seconds. “The whole country thinks You are sitting too long on the throne,” wrote another viewer. The third question was: “Putin, do you really believe this circus with fake questions?”

Shortly thereafter, the SMS have been completed.