Horoscope for January 22-28: Crayfish were captured depending on the circumstances, and the Virgins, the coming drastic changes at work

ARIES. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. In a friendly formation planned “reboot”, do an audit here. Relationships, themselves exhausted, must remain in the past. Now for the personal evolution needs people of high spiritual culture, “advanced”, with extraordinary worldview, feeling the spirit of the future.

On pious pray, they’re lovely, glowing from the inside. You will combine love, friendship, common spiritual interests and hidden secrets. Because now you, like x-rays, penetrate all hidden around and this invaluable information has become a weapon in a critical moment.

In the service labor faithfully, economically distributing power, time, make halts between the active assaults. Do not let the business team, here you are tireless horse, doomed to pull labour who then reward the fates will exceed all expectations.

Adventurous backroom operations should be avoided on charity (social assistance) a long time to count. It is not a fish, and the bait was given by fate to have learned to earn.

TAURUS. If you are driven by career ambition, this is a great incentive (and timely, because of perturbations coming here!) for professional development, successful implementation of natural talents. To strengthen service position where your genius will blossom with all the colors, not working: activate creative originality (outdated practices is the brake), and certainly keep up with scientific progress, developing innovative technology, maintaining fraternal relations with management. The chief has you on an excellent account.

In a friendly field do rely on faithful old friends, here, fate made “on” by removing the ballast exhaust friendships. If you have become the epicenter of public attention, feel free to showcase talents and achievements, promotion of the image in your hands!

GEMINI. You will attract higher matter and all unconventional. Will a magnet pull to look under the cover of the esoteric, to understand the unfathomable. It will dramatically affect the world, will help you find answers to many questions, to understand my mission on this Earth. Just do not join in the debate with underdeveloped faces. To know the truth, communicate, discuss innermost spiritual people. Throwing pearls before swine, the risk of being trampled.

At the same time maintain the fire in the family hearth. And in the professional field (if no luck with career growth) try to save the accumulated experience. And keep in mind that only profession, the highest calling, will become the Foundation for business and financial growth in the future.

CANCERS. The wings are tied, you are a prisoner of total dependence on circumstances, other people’s requests, interests, ambitions, where force majeure circumstances are the norm. Tame the passion of desire and dance to the “accompaniment” someone else’s rules and wishes, financial possibilities. They are original, unconventional, but luckily they are from the future, what to ignore is contraindicated if you value your career and financial stability (growth).

Friendly relations are crucial and now move into a phase of practical cooperation. To manipulate them in their own way is impossible, there needs to be a win-win, that all was well. A one-sided game will come out sideways.

In the intimate sphere is coming “reset” of relations with your loved ones must move to another plane, otherwise your Union is doomed to crack. So feelings are not withered – experiment! True love requires regular toning makeup!

Often pay attention to the family, home is a heavenly abode where you will feel complete happiness.

LIONS. The theme of partnership of the Commonwealth need to “reformat”. Change yourself and live in perfect harmony with the chosen one! The sound of “me plus you” is the most valuable treasure that should earn mutual care, spiritual unity, common business interests, Hobbies and sexual harmony.

To become nearer and dearer, beware of dictatorship, your dedication in tandem should dominate: take heart, purse for loved ones, is the key to a harmonious Union. And try in good faith to fulfill all debt obligations. The people to whom you owe, should be fully satisfied.

VIRGO. On the work front that’s coming drastic changes. Finish what “stuck” for various reasons, performing tasks employers are not carelessly and taking into account the progressive requirements of the times. Dive into the dynamic atmosphere of a service team. It inspires, brings curative effect, here, heal, and sense of professional values (where you are the master of all trades) inspire optimism in a bright future.

Couples to curb conflict of gin, don’t let the satellites themselves to be manipulated, and diplomatically implement the plan. The person you are self-sufficient, wise taxi, and partners take on the trailer. They have a lot of advantages, and if crossed swords ambition is not the reason for the final divorce.

LIBRA. You whirl a romantic snowstorm, have fun, enjoy the harmony of heart, make friends with the Muse. Now there is a charging life of the battery high frequency spiritual energies, there is a change of love interests. If you are looking for knight of the heart is to be a friend and lover in one person. Not only other people’s shoes “boots”! Family is sacred! Alone can “pick up” those whose heart is free.

Life plays the trumpet, “allservice” and all the love! Now you are capable of original artistic transformation, and are intended to enhance the fine strings of the soul.

If difficult, leave the yoke and doing the thing that you like or inspires you creatively. To go on about the employers can not, will load unnecessary work, which ill.

But if you are the boss, treat with understanding to subordinates.

SCORPIONS. You have a successful transformation in the role model, the guardian of the house. Keep your finger on the family pulse. Kindness, friendly consolidation with relatives will enhance the credibility, becoming a pledge of domestic bliss. At least if you have spiritual integrity and the unity of business interests with family, all will go well.

And don’t let the children and loved to manipulate you, it will harm their destiny. On the contrary, help the poor guy to get rid of egoism in order to change yourself for the better and to fit in with the requirements of the circumstances of society. And will carry out their whims, but do yourself and them worse.

Move more, connect with friends, together you are destined to go one way to the goal, the mountain collapsing! Changing the landscape — a necessary condition for the realization of successful large-scale plans.

ARCHERS. The search for the meaning of life, the “test of strength” spiritual principles are the ability to find common ground with strangers on the background of unity of ideals and spiritual interests. This will keep the high moral qualifications and to distinguish good from evil. Do not avoid casual Dating, happy to tie a variety of contacts and enrich mental “depot” interesting information, progressive knowledge. Want it or not, change of environment (it is stagnant) is predetermined.

Don’t let out-of-control career (business) the ship, otherwise it runs the risk of going aground because of domestic problems. The who family obligations should be distributed at all evenly.

Now you’re in the parade, having an enormous impact on the course of events, people, go ahead, but remember: the responsibility for any actions worse. Mistakes, abuse will be required in spades.

CAPRICORNS. A moral citadel (ideological beliefs, intentions) severely tested, is the devaluation of life values. However, now you are your own master and servant, do as your heart and conscience, put the global noble goals and confidently move towards them. And if someone knocks you off the righteous path, puts a spoke in the wheel — feel free to chase away the pest.

If you love your work and feel that it is a High calling, then you are very lucky, keep it up! Patrons will help.

AQUARIANS. Take care of appearance, radically change the image, they should update their fashion wardrobe, hairstyle, make-up, having thought over to trifles of the toilet. Don’t restrain inner impulse to become more beautiful, charming, is a natural need that is motivated deep transformational processes.

We should not envy the lucky ones, you are also created for love and their ideal will find, but not close to home and far away. Travel!

FISH. Take a time-out. Worldliness is tedious and harmful. But the seclusion is wonderful, it fills the Divine peace, inner peace. Clean up your thoughts, quell anxiety, banish away the various “delusional”, annoying suspicion and self-deception and try to simulate the future.

Now you are particularly sexy and fascinating, therefore, to be loved and cherished does not interfere. Parites, unite with allies, but the Foundation of the relationship should be not only love but also friendship. And keep in mind: go head it is impossible, invitation to the waltz of love we must humbly wait… Proactive enthusiasm, on the contrary, deter harmonious soul mate.

In the cases of fruitful cooperation is based not only on excellence, but on the unity of spiritual values with partners.