Geography addictive FIFA in the quagmire

God knows what FIFA need to do something with his reputation. But the choice of the host countries of the upcoming world Championships, does not give grounds to think that this really happens.

Today — exactly a year before: June 14, 2018 host country will start the world Cup games at the stadium “Luzhniki” in Moscow. Now this arena modernizarea will then take 81 thousand spectators. Rival Russian team will be the national team, which will be released on 2nd place in group A.

This is essentially the same as always. But the similarity ends there.

The fact that 365 days are left before one of the most prestigious Championships in the world, and it will hold the state convicted of large-scale and organized at the state level the program of the use of doping.

The whole world was shocked reading the report of McLaren — in particular, learning about how systematically and cynically substituted in Sochi doping test, with the use of methods is so fantastic that it was like some comic book.

And we still don’t know whether there were measures to restore order in an old system is so successful that we can safely say it is clean now.

Football is now not listed in the list of sports where the doping is the worst. Explanations for this may be many, but we’re not too far removed from the topic. Although it is clear that there is a close relationship between such events as the world Cup, and other Russian parties, which so thoroughly discredited.

High-echelon politician Vitaly Mutko, for example. He was the sports Minister from 2008 until last year, he manages the Russian football Union, and head of the bid Committee, which failed to provide Russia the opportunity of the world Cup.

For FIFA it is not only that the scandals actually this organization harm as perceived by the leadership of the international football. The organization must take into account the fact that it is closely associated with scandals, which will affect the reputation of the host countries of the Championships.

In the case of Russia to the list you can add the problems of racism, discrimination of sexual minorities and allegations of corruption and revelations of the use in the construction of stadiums labor from North Korea in conditions resembling slave labor.

And we have only reached until 2018.

Because if you move another four years on, we remember that the world Cup will be held in Qatar.

Even before the escalation of the situation in foreign policy, the list of scandals associated with this choice of the organizers, was so extensive that it would be possible to make a special edition to list it all.

Now the country that FIFA gave the right to host the world Cup in 2022, is located in the heart of the diplomatic crisis, based on allegations that the government of Qatar support terrorist organizations. Some of the neighboring countries of Qatar began a trade blockade, imposed a ban on entry, the situation seems to be deadlocked.

Although before on the Peninsula in the Persian Gulf will start to play football, still far away, everything is very clearly an indication of how football and politics are intertwined in the jumble, which would be a big headache for Gianni Infantino, the man who will restore order after President Sepp Blatter.

When Brazil hosted the world Championships in 2014, the official slogan was “All in one rhythm” (“All in one rhythm”).

It’s hardly possible to tell about prospects of future FIFA world Cup.