Lukashenko: no matter How we pressed, we will hold the Belarusian-Russian military exercises on a large scale and serious

Minsk — no matter how much pressure, the Belarusian-Russian exercises “West-2017” will be held a large-scale and serious, said Alexander Lukashenko on 13 June, during a meeting with the defense Ministers of the countries of the Organization of the collective security Treaty arrived in Minsk at the meeting of the Council of defense Ministers of the CSTO.

“You know that Belarus and in the framework of the Union state and the CSTO responsible for the Western direction. It is the responsibility of Belorussia, and all of our army are concentrated on it together with the Russian Federation. We have built a clear plan of action in different situations,” — said Lukashenko.

“And as if we are not crushed, we’ll run these exercises and focus on the fact that they were ambitious and very serious, — he stressed. — You know, that in Russia exactly the same mood. We do not frighten, we do not need someone else. Therefore, we will practice all the things that fulfill our potential rivals. We train the army and we train to defend our territory, our state, our people”.

Lukashenka also assured that the exercises will be open. “We invite on teaching all those present today of the Ministers of defence, and not only. These exercises are open — let them look at our options. We are very seriously focused on the fact that on the territory of Belarus exercises were very effective, and we will try to give these exercises are large in scale and diverse in nature to our military — and Russia and Belarus feel that they protect in this area and what obligations they have,” said the head of state.

Belarusian-Russian exercises “West-2017” will be held on the territory of Belarus and Russia in September. The theme of the teachings of the training and use of troops (forces) in interests of ensuring the military security of the Union state.

Anxiety about upcoming exercises expressed policy of neighboring States, including from the Baltic States and Ukraine. According to them, Russia might use Belarus as a springboard for the invasion of the territory of neighboring countries.

In turn, Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stated the groundlessness of such fears.