Tillerson said that the United States could withdraw from the UNHRC in the case of his rejection of the reform

The Council on human rights (HRC) the UN must undertake significant domestic reforms, otherwise the US can get out of this structure, the newspaper quoted the foreign policy statement by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Tuesday.

“Given that this may be the only such organization that is committed to upholding the human rights Council UN human rights requires significant reform to ensure that we (U.S. – if) continued to be part of it”, – he said in reply to a letter from nine non-profit organizations, addressed to him in February.

Tillerson said that the US “continue to assess the effectiveness of its (UN human rights Council – ed.) work.”

“If they do not conduct such reforms, we are going to put into question the appropriateness of our membership,” he added.

The publication, which came in a letter Secretary of state, said that Washington questioned the ability to continue membership in the organization along with the countries, which regularly commits human rights violations. Among such countries Tillerson leads China, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The Council for human rights of the UN made up of 47 States.