An important ally of Ukraine in Europe is losing ground: there are several reasons

In the interests of Ukraine would be better if the conservatives would continue to control the Executive power and the national security of Britain. The results of the elections to the lower house of the British Parliament did not meet expectations of their initiators — Prime Minister Theresa may and the Conservative party, which counted in the result of elections to obtain a majority in Parliament and thereby accelerate Brakcet. But instead they are forced to form a coalition with the Democratic unionist party, which can hardly be called a reliable partner. In addition, the results of the election greatly weakened the position of London in negotiations with Brussels on Brexia. Why, despite the poor results in the elections for Ukraine it is important to conservatives — one of the main allies of Kiev in Europe — remained in power in Britain?

Usually one of the two parties (the Conservative party or the UK labour party) gained enough votes to form a single-party majority in the British Parliament. To do this, of 650 seats must be received at least 326. The results of this campaign significantly increased the role of parties of the second echelon. Because the second time in 7 years the Conservative party due to the lack of mandates is necessary to form a coalition involving one of the parliamentary parties.

One of the reasons for the decline in popularity of Theresa may, the British expert community calls poor contact with the voter: she behaves arrogantly, is not found with people. In addition, Pexit advances neither good, nor bad, even after the referendum was held almost a year already. The economic situation in Britain is pretty bad. These factors played against the conservatives and may.

The labour party, conversely, was able to increase its presence in Parliament and demonstrated the best result — 262 seats (the previous result is improved by 32 places) than the one that was in 2010, when they were government, with Gordon brown. This success contributed greatly to the charisma of the leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbin. It’s a humble, simple guy, who is 70 years says the same thing, but in this fundamental respect him.

The structure of the UK Parliament are extremely specific, post-Imperial. English nationalists do not sit in Parliament, there are representatives of the party system — the conservatives, labour and the liberal Democrats. Even in Parliament there are Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland parties. In the last Parliament, the third by the number of seats was the Scottish national party, which advocated the secession of Scotland from the UK, but a referendum in 2014 she lost.

Last year they defended the new referendum due to the fact that Britain leaves the European Union — a new referendum on secession of Scotland from the UK is to be held “in the period between autumn 2018 and spring 2019”. The main argument during the previous referendum against secession of Scotland from the UK was that, coming out of the UK, Scotland would remain outside of the European Union. To ensure that Scotland must first get out, and then on a General basis to join the EU as a new country in the EU reacted coolly. This has created an impasse in the Scottish national party, and she suffered very serious losses. At the time the party was away in Scotland votes from labour and conservatives. In the last election the Scottish national party won 35 seats (lost 19 seats) in the Parliament of great Britain.

As for the parties of Northern Ireland, they have increased their presence in Parliament. A Wake-up call for London is that the party Sinn FEIN, which advocates for unification of Ireland and out of Ulster from the UK, has improved its result, received 7 seats (the previous result is improved by 3 places). Sinn FEIN does not take its seats in Parliament — they are her number, but she’s not involved in his work, considering Britain, one way or another, the enemy.

Theresa may, the party which received 318 (lost 13 seats) will form a coalition with other Northern Ireland party, which won 10 seats (the previous result is improved by 2 places) — Democratic unionist party group that Ulster remained part of the UK. Conservatives somehow managed to persuade the unionists. But recently, the party claimed that Mei needs to take responsibility for early elections, which she failed, losing the party’s majority. But somehow she convinced them that perhaps the posts or to increase the budget financing of Northern Ireland.

Over the past year, including due to Breccia in Northern Ireland aggravated an old disease. There was an election, and loyal to the British party lost support, respectively, lost the ability to form a stable government. The pressure of London and the conflict is all the last year attended. May may has promised to eliminate all problems.

After the elections the position of Britain in Bracito very much weakened. Now the Brussels bureaucracy will say that she does not know with whom after the election specifically to talk and for how long this government. They will claim that the majority of Euroskeptics and europhobia in Britain, no, extremists like UKIP (independence Party of the United Kingdom, requiring the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union) failed in General. Also it is possible that at some point a conflict will occur and the government will intercept the labour party and its allies. And they are not interested in this Breccia.

It is likely that Breaksit will sabotage and delay, while both sides. The labour party think that they won the election. A certain logic in this — they got a few dozen more places (+32), and the conservatives lost (-19), respectively, their position is weakened.

The problem with PACSICOM another is that the EU demands that the UK pay from 100 to 150 billion euros. For this she will leave more or less favorable conditions of access to the EU market in the ordinary relations of free trade. Britain says it a lot and she should be compensated for what 40 years invested in the economy of the European Union. But the logic of Brussels is that the output will continue for two years, and the budgets have been calculated in advance for a long time, and Britain confirmed that in the framework of these budgets will Fund certain programs. Therefore, human rather the European Union, although the British can understand.

In the framework of Ukrainian interests it would be better if the conservatives would continue to control the Executive power and the national security system. Because the UK is the only country signatory of the Budapest Memorandum, which takes seriously the document.