The UN has commented on the proposal of Russia, Turkey and Iran at the security zones in Syria

The UN is still “a million questions” concerning the agreement on the establishment of zones of de-escalation, which last week agreed Russia, Turkey and Iran. This was stated by the humanitarian Advisor to the UN on Syria, Jan Egeland, reports Reuters, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“Now Russia, Turkey and Iran explain to us today and yesterday that they will work with the United Nations and humanitarian partners openly and actively for the implementation of the agreement”, – said Egeland.

“However, we are left with a million questions and concerns,” – said Egeland. Adding that the UN, despite it still hope for the success of the transaction.

Recall, Russia, Iran and Turkey have agreed to maintain the ceasefire between Syrian government forces and opposition in four regions. But Russia stated that accurate maps would not be available until the beginning of June.

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis critically commented on the agreement. The Pentagon said that Russia has proposed “zone of de-escalation” in Syria raises many questions in the United States, including regarding their effectiveness.