Dream on

In 2013 Donald trump dreamed about his “new best friend” Vladimir Putin. Two years later, he said: “I think we’ll get along well with each other”. After the American presidential election, the romance blossomed, followed by gifts in honor of the engagement on both sides. When Barack Obama was expelled from the country for 35 Russian agents, Putin said that while there will be no response. Although from the time of Stalin there’s an iron clad rule — “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Trump reciprocated. Russian hacker group had an impact on elections? “It could be others.”

The Europeans are not happy. They fear as cooling and fraternization. There is a proverb: “when elephants make love, she trampling the grass”. Trump called NATO “legacy” organization, and threatened the Europeans — either you pay or we leave. What would happen if trump will give Ukraine the Kremlin as a morning gift and will remove the sanctions that stubbornly defends Angela Merkel? And if Putin in defense of trump, who was sympathetic to Russia, will send its imperious claims on Europe.

Europe needs to stay calm — in the belief that the two “Scorpion in a bottle” will not be able to create a pair. Both loners who can destroy each other. So they jealously watched that the other has not received the strategic advantages. History confirms this.

Roosevelt (Roosevelt) at Yalta, at the end of his life, imagined that Stalin filled his Eastern European extraction. His successor Truman (Truman) began to arm themselves and established the NATO — Alliance is able to moderate the appetites. Eisenhower (Eisenhower) believed in the “spirit of Geneva” summit of 1955, which could solve the conflicts of Europe, three years later, Khrushchev replied to the Berlin crisis. Kennedy held out his hand in a 1961 summit in Vienna, but returned home disappointed and ordered to increase military power. In Cuba both the Scorpion was on the verge of nuclear war.

Nixon (Nixon) and Carter (Carter): in the period of their rule was constantly violated peaceful environment — whether it’s the Yom Kippur war in 1973, the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, while Carter wanted to dissuade the nation from “excessive fear of communism.” Friendly atmosphere appeared only after the collapse of the Soviet Union as a superpower have lost their status, they retreated and allowed the reunification of Germany.

Under Putin, called the collapse of the Soviet Union the biggest catastrophe of the XX century, the “reset” Obama has not hit the target. The retreat of America from its role in the world was not a mutual agreement, and an invitation to attack on the Crimea and expansion to the middle East. Ambitious powers will constantly use the vacuum, at least, be an opportunist like Putin.

America’s influence on the course of events in the world has declined, despite significant economic and technological superiority over Russia. It is impossible to imagine that trump this period will conclude with his “new best friend” the Union for life. Here flirting two notorious man of power, who, even tenderness are considered as strategic moves.

Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), the future adviser to trump safety, considers Russia among the members of the “international Union of evil countries”, which “wants to destroy us.” Sadie Republicans, who dominate both houses of Congress, a rebellion is brewing, led by senators McCain and Graham, who view Russia not as a friend but as a threat to democratic values and American interests.

The President determines foreign policy, but in the long run he can’t do it by acting against the will of Congress. And especially, when the crumbling castles in the air. Trump wants to smash ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. TRANS.) with Putin. But Putin has bigger plans. He wants to strengthen the position in the middle East and to push America, and then with Pro-Russian right-wing populists to gain the upper hand in European politics. Both arenas — since this is two main points of the American strategy. How trump is going to outdo the contain themselves, which was done by Obama?

For some time the Europeans can keep calm, to assess maneuvers trump. If he really would act against native American interests, they will be forced to swallow the bitter pill in the form of self-defense. Then who will lead this disorderly army — Merkel, may, Fillon? Or Juncker? But perhaps trump will learn as fast as he writes tweets.