The Rapunzel syndrome: 16-year-old girl died from eating her hair

The Rapunzel syndrome, or tripotage is the compulsive eating of hair, often accompanied by their compulsive pulling on the head. For the first time on trichophagia reported by the French doctor M. Bodiment, when in the EIGHTEENTH century found a hair ball in the stomach of the 16-year-old boy.

Sixteen-year-old Englishwoman Jasmine beaver also suffered this rare syndrome. The girl died due to an infection caused by a hairball in her stomach.


Friend student Donna Marshall said that the young Briton spent years chewing my hair. In this case the relatives considered habit Jasmine unpleasant, but harmless.

As a result, in stomach the girls formed a huge ulcer caused by bacterial infection. She “ate” through the stomach and led to a fatal disruption of internal organs.

“Jasmine was so in love with life. With her was never bored, she forced a smile, even strangers. Jasmine was always ready to help those who needed help, a hug or offering a shoulder to those who have not had the day,” shared Donna Marshall.


  • Girl sell 1.5 meter long hair for the repairs in the apartment