International toilet day, tuna and pourer of the ice: where are the strange world holidays

Calendars of Ukrainians and citizens of other countries — lots of international days. Some dedicated to some professions, others phenomena, and others — important events. “Today” figured out where are these international days, who argues and why you choose certain dates.

As it turned out, the status of world a single day can only be assigned to UN and some global organizations like the who or UNESCO (16). Now in the official list of world days almost one hundred and fifty events, but in our country, recognize only twelve.

While in Ukraine there is no single law that would regulate the question of the adoption of the international days at the state level, only the list of separate decrees and documents that are used from case to case. There is already a specific law under the approval of ministries “on state and other holidays, observances and days of sadness”, which lists and world days. Among them is the international day of struggle for women’s rights, world Earth day, environmental Day, labor Day, family Day, children’s Day, youth Day, Day of memory of victims of Communist and Nazi regimes, democracy Day, Day, Day of older persons and Day of people with disabilities.

The lawyer of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (are the sponsors of the bill) Sergey Ryabenko told us how he entered the world list of dates and why they would be so small. “When was the handling of the bill on public comment, we proceeded from the fact that such a category as international days, definitely need, for this reason turned a lot of people. They pointed to the fact that these days there are in the world, and some even in the Ukraine, but because their introduction is necessary. The list of world days are quite broad and varied, there are dates that relate to completely different areas and combine them into one or several groups could be quite difficult. Therefore, we have identified the 12 most important for Ukrainians, international days, much of which is already in our calendar and familiar to the inhabitants of the country, and fixed the list in the relevant article. We understand that the list is much longer and that a certain number of international days, perhaps it is appropriate to adopt in our calendar later, so anticipated the procedure, which will make them a special decree of the President”, — told us Ryabenko.

According to him, the procedure of recognition of a solemn day in the current legislation yet. But any Ukrainian according to the law “On citizens” can apply to a state Agency or official, to offer your event. However, in this case, the day will not be of the world as “international” defines the UN. For the introduction of a special day, the state Agency must support the initiative and to develop the text of the decree. After the decree needs to be approved and to get the support of the Cabinet. Then a draft sent to the presidential Administration, and after its signing by the President, it enters into force.


A rather unusual date can be celebrated on the 19th of November it was recognized in most countries as world toilet day. The need for such events in the international calendar announced in 2001, the world toilet organization in Singapore, and in 2013 this day approved and UN. The Assembly was shocked by the report on international sanitation, where it was said that almost 2.5 billion people around the world there is no possibility to relieve themselves in the toilets because of their absence, and agreed global goal of introducing toilet Day to do all that by 2030, every person had access to the latrines the place. For this November 19 in different countries set a new common areas, better toilet system and increase their hygiene standards. Also on this day, people remind you that the lack of toilets not only detrimental effect on health, but also violates human dignity, harms the environment and greatly hinders economic and social development.

Everyday benefit. Almost 40% of the population are unable to assess domestic convenience


If you like this kind of fish, like tuna, then you can safely mark the calendar red may 2. This memorable date, the UN called the International day of tuna. To celebrate such a day offered the countries of the Pacific region because they are highly dependent on of tuna resources not only in terms of food, but also in their economies.

The event was approved last year and proposed this day to remind the public about how important it is to properly manage fisheries, the value of tuna and the main threats to populations of this fish.

80 countries produce tuna


“Jazz blurs the boundaries between people and creates an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance, is a symbol of unity and peace, promotes intercultural dialogue, reduces tension in the relations between people and promotes gender equality” — in 2011, UNESCO estimated the role of this music style for humanity, and at the same time and designated 30 April as International jazz day.

On this day, are encouraged to promote jazz music, namely, to organize various concerts and festivals devoted to jazz. Recall that jazz originated in the late XIX — early XX century in the USA as a synthesis of African and European cultures and to this day remains a unique form of musical art that combines race and ethnicity and erasing borders between people and Nations.

Music. Jazz is a special musical style that originated in the United States, but rooted in Africa


Since 2003, the international day received and puppeteers, along with teachers and soldiers. International day of the puppeteer is celebrated on March 21 on the initiative of the International Union of figures of theatre of dolls. On this day, workers of theatres around the world organize the most interesting puppet shows, creative meetings and other festive events. But in Ukraine, according to one of the artistic Directors of the Kyiv academic puppet theatre, this professional holiday is more “domestic” in nature.

“Celebrate in different ways, depending on the situation. As a rule, gather together and perform a humorous, comedic meeting with a small skit. It’s more visceral feast for ourselves, so often we do not have any officialdom, although sometimes guests come. For example, two years ago we held a Day of the puppeteer with all the puppet theatre — it was ours, the City theatre, the puppet Theatre and our Department. It was a joint celebration with the tea party, but now all celebrate separately and in its own way”, — told us the puppeteer.

The puppet theatre. Your day workers March 21


One of the strange professional holiday is celebrated on the 16th of January is the day of legover, or the pourer of the ice. This date was chosen not casually — this day was born an American engineer Frank Zamboni, who invented resurfacer ice harvester to restore the ice rink, which facilitated the hard work of saluditos. Abroad to this day, ledoburov arrange corporate, but in our country this event is little known.

According to Igor Korshunov, one of saluditos ice in the capital, he knows about this day, but marks through time. “The administration of the rink does not organize any events on January 16, we have at this time, the height of the season. But my colleagues, if you remember about the day, then be sure to gather and celebrate. Usually just go to the cafe nearby, chat, share fun stories,” he told us kites.

“Although I know from friends that on some rollers the day of the pourer employees are satisfied with the output,” said Kiev legover.

Profession. Often zalevsiky become engineers and builders


Now the world officially adopted the international day 143. They are all in different times were introduced by the UN General Assembly or, exceptionally, other international organizations, which are associated with the same UN as the international day of health adopted by who and UN — recognized. According to the employee of the press service of the UN office in Ukraine Anna Melenchuk, General instructions on how to adopt the world day, no, but in that event must be world demand.

The proposal to introduce any special day can nominate only member state or friendly UN organization, which is why the common man to convey to the world community the importance of a specific date, would first have to prove it to their state. After the country can access the Assembly through its permanent mission. Further working committees are discussions, arguments for and against the introduction of the world day, and then offer member States of the UN submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, in which the day is assigned the status of an international or not.

While the Assembly consists of 193 members, to the establishment of the world dates not needed to absolutely all the representatives of the participating countries voted in favor, a simple majority. At the end of such meeting is made of a special resolution, which shows the reason for the introduction of a specific world day, has its official Declaration as well as recommendations for different countries to celebrate this event and that you need to pay attention to. After the publication of the resolution, the day recognized by the international.

Taken 143 special day