Us-European Union under the threat of a split

Recently deceased former US presidential Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger was the backbone of American diplomacy. In the second half of 1990-ies, when, after the collapse of the USSR the US became the only superpower, they glorified the appeal of democracy and American culture in order to maintain US hegemony.

It’s a way of thinking, which is consistent with the concept of “soft power” international political scientist Joseph Nye (Joseph Nye). Such “hard” military and economic power, added to the attractiveness and persuasiveness which have values and ideas. They supported the leading role of the United States. It is not enough for China, which seeks to stand on a par with the United States.

Now these valuable and strengths of the US are suffering from the actions of the President of trump, which leads to destabilization of the entire world. The exit from the Paris climate agreement as inevitable blow to the influence and leadership of the United States.

During his visit to Europe, which took place last month, the American leader has brought to the fore the significance of their country, criticized the trade deficit with Germany, and undermined the credibility of the European side not only on the issue of global warming, but also refugees. No wonder the German Chancellor Merkel said, “Over the period when it was possible to rely on another country”.

In 2003 because of the Iraq war caused friction between the US on one side and France and Germany on the other, however, this cold was the first time since.

What risks will arise if shaken European-American Union? I want to analyse this question, taking into account the geopolitical picture.

Zbigniew Brzezinski expressed an interesting opinion on the matter. In a book published 20 years ago, he stressed that Eurasia will become a chess Board where you will unfold the struggle for world hegemony. He also noted the importance of Ukraine, located between Russia and Europe.

He even wrote that if Russia will return control of Ukraine, which gained independence after the collapse of the USSR, it will get in your hands the opportunity to become an Empire stretching from Europe to Asia.

After a while Russia began to move. In 2014, she annexed the Ukrainian Crimea and military aggression in the East of Ukraine to support Pro-Russian forces for independence. The West protested and imposed sanctions, which are to this day.

Russia’s objectives are not likely to build imperialism and to preserve its influence in the former Soviet Union and oppose NATO and the EU, which expand their influence.

Russia is changing the status quo by force and destroy the world order. This worries neighboring countries. Last month during a meeting with Japanese Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski has criticized Russia, saying that it threatens global stability. He called for strengthening the defense of Europe.

Last year during the meeting of heads of NATO countries, the parties decided to deploy new units in Poland and the Baltic States. That is, they began to strengthen the defense capability of NATO, given the Russian threat. However, during the summit in Brussels, held last month, trump, who first took part in this event, disappointed in European countries, because nothing is said about collective security of NATO.

Trump insists that the costs of all members should be equal, but the European side is first of all expected that it will emphasize its interest in General.

Europe and the United States has not developed a system of relations that is necessary to do so prior to the expansion of NATO and the EU. As a result, it became a cause of tensions related to Russia. If against this background the us-the European Union may weaken relations with Russia will become even more unstable.

It will affect relations with China.

Susan rice, who Obama Advisor published an article in the newspaper the New York Times that asked the question: if China would threaten U.S. freedom of movement and Asian allies in the South China sea, will be whether the European allies to protect American leader who proclaimed “US above all” and violated the promise associated with NATO?

Measures in respect of Russia and China is an extremely complex and delicate political task. US — Europe and US — Japan — two of the Union which should act not separately but together. If Japan, the US and Europe will closely cooperate, it will contribute to maintaining world order based on freedom and democracy and which was built after the Second world war.

If Japan is proud of its diplomatic relations with the United States, it must apply them to global diplomacy and to play a leading role.