Komi Republic during the hearings five times called trump a liar

In one of the committees of the U.S. Senate held a hearing during which the former head of the FBI, James Comey spoke about the nature and details of his relationship with President Donald trump. On it informs CNN.

During hours of testimony, he managed to call the US President a liar twice. And even in the speech of Komi there were accusations against trump, as he denied the words of the head of the White house that the figure of the Komi Republic was unpopular with the FBI, and a statement that the Bureau was disorganised and chaotic.

“It was a lie” – cut in Komi Republic.

Komi and explained why he documented his conversations with trump and reiterated the lie. Supposedly, trump lied about the nature of their conversations.

In the second hour of hearings Komi three more times, called trump a liar during answers to questions.

We will remind that earlier former FBI Director James Comey said he believes that during a lunch in January with the President of Donald trump, he “wanted to get something” in exchange for allowing Flynn to stay on a post of the Director of the FBI.