Washington justifies its bloody RAID on Northern Syria

In the airstrike of the U.S. air force on Thursday, March 16, at the village in Northern Syria killed at least 49 people. According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, non-governmental organizations leading daily reports of violence in Syria, most of the victims are civilians. We are talking about one of the bloodiest mistakes of the American army from the time of its action in the skies of Syria in the framework of the international coalition against ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.).

An airstrike destroyed the building adjacent to the mosque in the village of al-Gina, in the province of Aleppo. This region is in the hands of terrorists and has repeatedly bombed the Syrian and the Russian air force. According to the Washington Post, the attack was carried out by a drone, which let in goal 8 of the missiles, Hellfire (Hellfire) before the bomb, weighing 225 kg, presumably dropped from aircraft, was not completed work.

At the moment, the Pentagon denied error. “We attacked the meeting place of the leaders of the militants, some of whom probably were very important figures”, said the official representative of the Ministry of defence of the USA Jeff Davis. He said the building had been under surveillance for some time. “We know that it was used by “al-Qaeda” (the terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.). We struck the intended target”.

Another Pentagon spokesman said that the destroyed building was used as a place for “training and promotion” of the jihadists. And as usual in such a situation, the Ministry of defence says that he has no reliable information about civilian casualties.

Along with operations against ISIS operated in Syria and Iraq dozen countries, including the United States, the U.S. air force alone strikes on the group “Fatah al-sham” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) the organization created “al Qaeda” to fight against Assad. In a letter published on March 10, the State Department acknowledged Hayat al-Tahrir al-sham, a military Alliance led by “Fatah al-sham” terrorist organization (banned in Russia — approx.ed.). “Don’t be fooled these criminals who want to destroy Syria and the revolution,” writes Michael Ratni, special envoy of the United States in Syria.

The villagers deny this version of events. “Hit by the mosque prayed only civilians ( … ) and in their views they are very far from “al-Qaeda”, told AFP a resident of the al-Djinn Abu Omar. According to sources, on Thursday, on the eve of the big weekly Friday prayers, in came under attack the building of the gathered followers of the Tabligh, hard fundamentalist currents in Islam, which usually stays away from politics. If either of them were representatives of the leadership of the “Fatah al-sham”? Perhaps it will be known in the coming days.

In a statement released on Friday a press release a team of journalists Airwars (he specializiruetsya on counting the number of collateral victims of international attacks in Syria and Iraq) expressed concern about the sharp increase in the number of allegations of civilian casualties in the bombing: “This trend started in the last months of the Obama administration and significantly gained momentum with the inauguration of the President of trump”.

According to the statistics, which are based on the mapping information from local sources, the coalition strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq has claimed the lives of 2 million 590 civilians in 2014. The number of strikes with civilian casualties amounted to 454 in 2016 and 245 in 2017.

In addition to the “trump effect” it can be connected with the current offensive on Mosul, the Iraqi capital, ISIS and the upcoming assault on Raqqa, the Syrian centre of the terrorist movement. According to the Airwars in January and February, the actions of the US-led coalition first brought to a greater number of civilian casualties than strikes of Russian aviation, whose activity in Syria, has visibly declined after the capture of Aleppo by the government forces.