The German foreign Minister assessed the implications for Ukraine in the rapprochement between the US and Russia

The results of the visit to the USA foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, expressed his belief that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump while only looking for his strategy against Russia. About this Gabriel said the TV channel ARD, writes DW.

The Minister welcomed the possibility of rapprochement between the US and Russia.

“We must all hope that the US and Russia to reach an agreement, but not at the expense of Ukraine or Europe. However, if the reduction of tensions between the two world powers, it will be good for the development of events in Syria, developments in Ukraine”, – said Gabriel.

However, he said: “For us Germans and Europeans is clear: we cannot tolerate that one country in Europe changing borders, as did Russia. Americans see it the same way.”

Commenting on the situation in Avdiivka, the Minister said that both sides are responsible for the current escalation in the Donbas.

The results of the meetings with the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson Gabriel stressed that the United States has “a strong interest in a United Europe” and “support the transatlantic partnership in NATO.”

In this regard, the German Minister said that Europe should think more about what it brings, and not constantly discuss what divides. This applies, in particular, the patience to crisis countries in Europe and increase investment for growth and jobs: people need to see “that it something gives.”