Trump considers the Russian political “cloud” – WP

For the US President Donald trump’s the thing about Russia – it’s not a legitimate Federal investigation of the interference of foreign governments in American democracy. This, he said, “charade” created by the Democrats to get revenge for the defeat in the elections in 2016. This writes loyal to the Democratic party’s edition of the Washington post, reports

As noted, trump also thinks that the case against Russia could lead to his impeachment or create for it any legal problems. Again and again the US President insists that he “has nothing to do with Russia,”

But trump considers the Russian political cloud that hung over him. This he said several times in private conversations with FBI Director James Comey, who write down all the details of the conversations with the US President in the testimony, which is going to announce today before the Senate Committee on intelligence. “On March 30 during a telephone conversation trump has called the investigation of Russia’s intervention a “cloud” which prevents him to act on behalf of the country”, – stated in the testimony of former Director of the FBI. “He said that has nothing to do with Russia, never had Affairs with prostitutes in Russia and always suspected that it can record during visits in Russia. He asked what can be done to “disperse the clouds,” added Comey.

Trump talked about “the cloud” again on 11 April during a phone conversation with the FBI Director, a month before he fired. Komi recalled in the testimony, as President of the United States again complained to him that “the cloud” the Russian investigation prevents him from doing his job.

The publication writes that in the eyes of trump’s investigation of Russian interference in the elections is an act of personal betrayal to political, and not legal consequences, because it interferes with his agenda and depletes his presidency from the start.

Friends and rivals trump told the publication that he believes the Russian scandal is a threat to the legitimacy of the elected President. He is proud to have held the role of political outsider. For trump’s history with Russia is a challenge to the legality of his victory. And so he feels like a victim, when it comes to investigating Russian intervention. When it comes to it, the US President often speaks in a very personal tone. He talks about the “witch hunt” to protect his innocence from the records of the intelligence agencies, trust the Democrats and a hostile media.

Meanwhile, loyal to the Republican party, the Wall Street Journal wrote that the former Director of the FBI described in detail as trump pushed him. According to the written testimony of James Comey, nine times he personally talked with the President. During conversations trump demanded his devotion, and closing investigations against Michael Flynn, as well as about the Russian intervention in the American elections.

Earlier edition of Reuters reported that President trump asked the Director of the FBI to stop investigating about the relationship of Flynn with Russia. The publication has learned that the American leader met with James Comey the next day after the dismissal of his adviser.