The family Foundation of Sviatoslav Nechytailo among the top charitable organizations in Ukraine

The national rating of philanthropists is a professional independent rating of charities and organizations that are willing to publish their tax records. It is conducted by the Ukrainian philanthropists forum in cooperation with reputable partners in 2013.

Participation in the National rating of philanthropists – it is a sign of accountability of charitable organizations. Participation in the Rating contributes to the strategic development of the charity sector. This increase in work standards, fostering a culture of philanthropy and positive public opinion.

Information about the performance of the Fund family Nechitaylo in 2016 have been published on the official website:

Information note:

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Members of the Forum – registered Ukrainian and international charitable foundations and organizations, the main form of activity which is the provision of charity care. Recently, the Forum was also open to other types of nonprofit organizations, business companies which are engaged in charitable programs on the territory of Ukraine and institutions whose activities are related to the field of philanthropy. Membership in the Forum is a full and associate. It unites 34 organizations.