Scientists have found a remedy against the infirmities of age

Age-related atrophy of the muscles can help maintain muscle stem cells.

Figured it out by scientists from the medical center at the University of Rochester.

According to them, all adult organisms maintain pools of stem cells that play a role in the regeneration of damaged tissue or the growth of new. With age, more cells die, the underlying cause of the atrophy was considered when loss of muscle with neurons responsible for muscle control.

Scientists have removed mice stem cells without damaging motor neurons. Loss of cells provoked a rapid atrophy, which began in adulthood. However, in elderly genetically modified animals, resistant to depletion of the pool of stem cells, the muscles stay healthy. These results show that old age is not associated with the degradation of the nervous tissue.

The researchers believe that their conclusion will begin the search for medicinal substances, as long as you can life-sustaining stem cells.